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This Mod integrates Steel Soldier Armor, the new Imperial Watch Armor and the Mithril Armor into Bruma.

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Note: "Alternative Armors - Steel Soldier" are "Beyond Skyrim: Bruma" are requiered for this Mod.

The Armors are integrated into the proper Leveled List and can be found in loot, bought from vendors and are worn by other characters, for example
Eranir from the Fighter´s Guild.
Steel Soldier Armor instead of regular Steel armor,
Imperial Watch Armor instead of Steel Plate Armor and
Mithril instead of Scaled Armor.
Additonally the Leveled List were modified, so that enchanted (steel and iron) armors and weapons in Cyrodiil are actually of cyrodilic design.
Also more Akaviri Weapons (dagger, shortsword and greatsword) can be found in Bruma.
This Mod also includes all fixes of some smaller issues from my Mod "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - Small Patches".


Note: A version without the dependency on the Creation Club content is also available in the files section.