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Have you ever felt like some things were missing in the end of the Dark Brotherhood? That after killing the most notorious character in the game you were doomed to hunt just low-lifes as the Night Mother requests? This mod attempts to keep the Dark Brotherhood interesting and, at the same time, increase its functionality for the player.

Permissions and credits
Dark Brotherhood (DB) - Tweaks
Authors: esuriddick
Status: This mod is Finished.
Additional credits: A big thank you to NoelleKitsune for providing encryptic texts for the letters delivered within the Special Requests.

0. Index
1. Features
2. Requirements
3. Installation
4. Compatibility
5. Q&A

1. Features
The plugin is flagged as "ESL" and its extension is ".esp", so that you can place it wherever you want in your mods load list.

The mod creates a MCM menu with the following options related with the Dark Brotherhood (image uploaded):

Flag as Essential
• "Torture Victims" - Allows you to flag the torture victims as essential. You will be able to stab, punch, kick, torture, etc., the torture victims as much as you want without being afraid of killing them.
• "Shadowmere" - Makes it impossible for Shadowmere to die (useful, even though it is already hard to kill Shadowmere).

• "Start the DB Forever Quest" - Allows you to immediately start this quest as if you were approaching the Night Mother.
• "Start a Special Request" - Initiates a random quest where a courier will deliver you a Sealed Letter with an encryptic message (in case someone would open the letter instead of you) concerning your target. There are 8 random quests available: i) Rogue Wizard; ii) Bandit Leader; iii) Forsworn Leader; iv) Master Vampire; v) Thalmor Justiciar; vi) Imperial Officer**; vii) Stormcloak Officer**; and viii) Orc Warrior. The first four quests randomly select a target across NPCs that exist in your world, while the last four quests will spawn your target in random locations. You are able to keep doing these quests as long as you want.
* Target will never spawn in Windhelm or in Castle Volkihar.
** Target might spawn in an empty military camp (this was my way to ensure that the quest could happen even if the Civil War was already completed).

Gold Rewards
This section will allow you to change the rewards you get when starting a Special Request for the Dark Brotherhood.

• "Shadowmere Speed" - Allows you to change Shadowmere's speed up to 3 times faster.
• "Refill the torture victims" - Adds to every torture victim two pieces of Human Flesh and two Potions of Blood. To obtain these pieces, you have to pickpocket the torture victims (take it from them!). Once you activate this option, you will have to wait three days before you are able to refill the Torture victims with these items again.

2. Requirements
- Skyrim Special Edition.
- SkyUI (to use the menu).

3. Installation
Either use your favourite mod manager, or extract the .esp and .bsa files to the Data folder, and enable the mod.

4. Compatibility
Incompatibilities may arise from mods that:
• Changes the "Dark Brotherhood Forever" quest scenes (almost no mod will change this).
• Change the torture victims to other new NPCs (again, who even changes these poor victims?).

5. Q&A
Why did you decide to make this mod?
When I finished the Dark Brotherhood, I felt like there was no more excitement involved in the hits I was being hired for. Also, it annoyed me that I could not use the Torture victims to practise my skills. The rest are just extra features that I thought useful.

Why didn't you change the rewards from the "Dark Brotherhood Forever" quest?
Changing the rewards from the quest would have involved changing vanilla scripts and I did not want to do it. The mod I'm using to change these rewards that I recommend is Dark Brotherhood Rewards. It seems balanced to me.

If you kill a target as part of a Special Request, does it count as a murder?
Yes. Since some mods use the game's statistics, like Skyrim Reputation, I decided to increase your amount of murders by one when you complete a Special Request.

When I pressed to initiate a Special Request, a Courier never arrived and it still allows me to click it in the MCM Menu. What does it mean?
The quests for each special request are selected randomly. In your case, when you pressed the first time to initiate a Special Request, the quest failed to properly initialize. To allow players to circumvent this issue in case it happened, you can select Special Request again, close the menu, and then re-open the mod's MCM Menu to see if you are no longer able to select the Special Request option again. This will mean that the randomly selected quest sucessfully started and a Courier is on your way.

Am I able to manually initiate a special request through console?
Yes. Just write in console "setstage aaadbtweaksspecialrequestXX 10". This will initiate the delivery of the Courier, so you will have to wait for him still.
You need to replace XX by the number that you want (e.g., "04"):
- 01: Rogue Wizard;
- 02: Bandit Leader;
- 03: Forsworn Leader;
- 04: Master Vampire;
- 05: Thalmor Justiciar;
- 06: Imperial Officer;
- 07: Stormcloak Officer;
- 08: Orc Warrior.
Once you initiate the quest, the Special Request option in the MCM menu will be disabled until you complete the quest, just as if you had initiated the quest through the MCM Menu.

Is this mod flagged as ESL?

Did you scan for dirty edits?
Yes, I used SSEEdit 4.0.3.