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If it's meant to be WEAK, it'll be weak! If it's meant to be strong, it will be STRONG.

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Imagine a world that's always at your reach and will always be immersively challenging!

By grabing a bunch of stats from each NPC and calculating a new level based on it's RACE's stats and it's SIZE too, as a result we get incredibly immersive level multipliers, making ingame NPC result in a wide variety of weak and strong, which can most of the time be expected from such: as in, small spiders and rats will be very weak and huge monsters and dragons will be very strong! Middle sized races are also respectively weak/strong.
This is a great tool to consolidate and balance your modlist since it can calculate everything from the changes your chosen mods apply to NPC levels and/or races! This is why i call it "a retroactive treatment".

Consider taking a moment to look at the gif/images i uploaded to get a glimpse of what it's capable of.
Actual end result may vary due to different mods, changes/updates and changes in game settings.

(Note: the screens are taken from a huge modlist of more than 900 mods, it is based in LEXYs guide.)


This is a set of xEdit scripts that will:
  • Calculate every NPC "strength" and set it to scale with PC with the proper scaling mult.
  • There is a re-leveler variant too. (Atm I feel quite satisfied with it's results, but I mostly use it as an utility to run a perk patcher before scaling)
  • Re-calculate RACE's stats, based on its own AND size. This will mostly give each race a little boost. (MUST have if using re-scaler script)
  • Uncap encounter zones. (Also must have for re-scaler)

What you can expect from the scaling: (estimation to date)

  • Small creatures such as rabbits, skeevers, etc. can get mults as low as 0.01
  • Medium sized creatures such as most humanoids will range widely from 0.5 to 2.0. This is all very relative to each NPC nature.
  • Large enemies like snow bears, werewolves, trolls, etc. will likely be around the 2.0 and probably above that too.
  • Extra large creatures such as dragons will most likely hit the limite (can be set in the script), which is 4 atm.
  • Bosses like dragon priests, make an exception and will be extremely strong due to the amount of stats assigned to them.

Note: Results may vary since the formula calculates not only size and race, but also weights in each NPC stats (HMS), so in most scenarios you could predict that bandits will likely have mults below 1.0 and bosses (even a bandit boss) will be at least 2.0 or something cool.


Mods are ALL compatible.
Wildcat or any other mod that allows you to control DAMAGE income/output ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Requiem is NOT supported.
With this script and other mods you can achieve a very hardcore experience too! ;)


It's your modlist you gotta worry about, not your save. My script and method of patching will not fix things for you.
And it's VERY un-intrusive, so you can add it / remove it, whenever.

INSTALL: You need SSEEdit, and basic knowledge on how to use it.
Estimated time of the process will vary greatly by your hardware (ssd plz), your knowledge and the amount of mods/npc additions. Could take you 30 minutes at least, or about 1 hour.

Presteps: download the scripts into you sseedit \Edit Scripts folder
You MUST have mte.Functions in there so make sure it is, or else download it from Requirements link.

IMPORTANT: Your modlist must be COMPLETE and in proper ORDER.

  • Step A: Filter:
  • 1) Open your SSEEdit and load all your mods.
  • 2) Right click anywhere and select Apply Filter.
  • 2b) Untick the two "by conflict ..." options, and tick "by Record Signature", look for and tick Encounter Zones, NPCs, and Races (if needed).
  • Step B: Making a new esp: (Opt: paste in your own patch, must be late loader!)
  • 3) Expand every filtered mod (click in main '+') so you can see and select its content. (You'll see the forms Encounter zone, NPC and Races respectively)
  • Tip: is easier if you start from the last mod to the first (Skyrim.esm).
  • 4) Select all: In Skyrim.esm, click 1st form (Encounter zones), hold shift and then possition in the last form possible of all your modlist, click it and it'll select everything it HAS to. You should now have selected all inner forms (ECZN, NPCs and Races). 
  • 5) Copy: right click in any, choose 'Copy as override (with overwrite) into..', select a new file: esp flagged as esl. Name it and accept.
  • Note: while it copies you'll get a few prompts, say 'Yes to all' each time.
  • Step C: Before running script:
  • 6) REMOVE: "NoZoneZone" from Encounter Zones form. Delete it, it gives error.
  • 7) Make a BACKUP. Go to xEdit menu (top-left) and click Save. Then minimize, go to your Mod organizer\overwrite\ folder and find your current .esp, copy it and save it anywhere you wont forget.
  • Final Step:
  • 8) Right click on respective form, choose "Apply Script", find and run the script!
  • After running script: a manual fix.
  • 9) EDIT: "Player" from NPCs form. Must set "0" on each "Offset" stat. Also fix Level and level flag by removing it!!
  • It's very important to fix the Player form like this because it's the only one that will benefit from offsets and we don't want this, because we will use races values. Unless you don't do any race changes..


Late loader.
Should be at the bottom. It obviously needs to win-overwrite every NPC, Encounter zone and/or race to work. So it should be as low as possible.