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Periodically resets the random conversation scenes in cities and other places. If your NPCs seem oddly silent, this might fix them. ESP-FE

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Sometimes the random conversation scenes in cities and other places don't complete, as a consequence some NPCs get stuck as an alias in one of them.
You can tell by the NPCs' behavior, they might stop greeting when you pass nearby and any other scene with them in it might stop happening.

This resets the quests a few hours after installing (game time), then periodically once a week, cleaning the aliases and reverting everything to its former pristine status.
No worry about harmful effects, basically this does the same that a completed scene would do: stop the quest and put it in standby for the next occasion.
You might consider this an insurance policy: if nothing is stuck, nothing happens; if something didn't complete, the reset fixes it.
The only side effect I can imagine is a scene being interrupted when the reset happens. But it's only once a week; the chance of watching a conversation in that exact moment is quite slim and, should it happen, I think one would hardly notice.

I don't know whether this is actually a game bug or it's just my game that got bugged -- I'm sharing this, you decide.

Compatible with everything.

On a final note, stuck vanilla scenes are not always the reason for 'silent' NPCs.

You might have mods like "AI Overhaul", disabling 'hellos to player' from most of its AI packages.
This wouldn't fix the grumpiness.

Or you might have mods with badly coded dialogue quests missing proper conditions for the aliases and forcing any NPC anywhere into their scenes.
"Carved Brink" comes to mind -- there might be more.
For example, Carlotta in Whiterun was trying to participate in a Goblin conversation that should have happened in Faceted Stones.
In that case this wouldn't be able to 'free' the stuck NPCs, this only deals with vanilla quests -- you'd need a specific patch.