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Changes the effect of the Shadow Stone to actually be useful without making it rely on passives or be overpowered.

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Oldrim Version:

Enhanced Shadow Stone changes the Shadow Stone power (now named "Moonshadow") into a lesser power with a duration of 5 seconds and costs 20 magicka to use. The idea was based off the Shadow Cloak Nightblade skill from ESO. For those who haven't played ESO, Shadow Cloak is a short-term invisibility spell that can be used in small bursts to move between cover, or you can consistently recast it at the end of the duration to get a constant invisibility. I did this because the Shadow Stone was utterly useless in vanilla and other mods either made it far overpowered or changed the point of the Shadow Stone entirely.

This version is a little different from my Oldrim version. It had a duration of 10 seconds and cost 25 magicka. I personally felt it was too overpowered and changed it. If anyone prefers that old version, let me know and I may upload a second file with that instead.