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Fix for OBIS and Crime Overhaul Expanded so the flags from Crime Overhaul Expanded work with the new factions added by OBIS.

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Have you ever stumbled into a bandit fort/camp/cave/whatever the hell there hiding in, and see a random-ass bandit slaughtering their own friends?

Well hell, I'm not sure if this fixes that, but I stumbled on to it myself!

So, here's the new patch: OBIS + Crime Overhaul Expanded Patch!

Without any of the flair this time, Crime Overhaul Expanded is a great mod that compiles multiple issues and improves, well, crime in the game. Not only that, it includes the well-known fix for animals reporting you for crimes, as if they can run to the nearest guard and become a witness in a murder case. They also include a very grateful fix for the bounties, so they are actually worthwhile! But, it seems that OBIS can conflict as OBIS does not include the flags that Crime Overhaul sets, or if you have Crime Overhaul overwriting OBIS in your load order, it actually makes the OBIS faction separate (I think) from the normal Skyrim factions as Crime Overhaul simply can't recognize the faction.

Now, with this fix, it (might) be solved! This is a very small mod too, totaling at a terrifying 2 records, so it is obviously going to be an esl-flagged esp. Of course, if you need this patch, you'll also need Crime Overhaul Expanded and OBIS in order for this to work, and that's it.

Now, hopefully you guys can take care, and I hope this mod fixes the war against friends!