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This simple mod adds a trapdoor between Jorrvaskr's Main Hall and Living Quarters. This is to reduce congestion in the stairwell. This mod is a light plugin (ESPFE/esl flagged) that can be added or removed at any time.

Permissions and credits

If you use mods that add too many NPCs to Jorrvaskr, it can cause congestion in the stairwell. By adding another door, traffic can be divided between the doors and congestion in the stairwell can be reduced or eliminated. The door is also closer to the Harbinger quarters and Jorrvaskr's front doors. This will allow you to get to and from the Harbinger quarters quicker.


Add the contents of archive to the Data directory manually or with a mod manager. Sort you load order. This mod should load before other mods. Enable the mod and play.


General updating procedure for mods with minor updates (reference additions, but no reference changes).
Uninstall the old mod. Install the updated mod. Sort your load order. Enable the mod and play.

General updating procedure for mods with major updates (reference changes, switching to esl/ESPFE or compacted mods).
Remove all items from containers and new areas. Make a clean save. Exit the game. Uninstall the old mod. Start the game without the new mod and make another save. Exit the game. Install the updated mod. Sort your load order. Enable the mod and play.


Remove contents of the archive manually or with a mod manager.


Compatible with any mod that doesn't block the doors.  Mods that have objects that clip with the doors will work. It just won't look very good.


If you use this with the This Is Jorrvaskr mod, you should remove any shields that are in the path of the ladder before enabling this mod. If you don't, you won't be able to remove the shields afterwards.


Changed door type to better match newer versions of the This Is Jorrvaskr mod

Initial release


Jorrvaskr Wuuthrad Display
This Is Jorrvaskr


Linthar for More Informative Console
LOOT Team for LOOT
MO2 Team for Mod Organizer 2
Nukem for SSE CreationKit Fixes
SKSE Team for Skyrim Script Extender
Wrye Bash Team for Wrye Bash
xEdit team for SSEEdit

Bethesda for the game and Creation Kit


Jorrvaskr Trapdoor
Jorrvaskr Wuuthrad Display
Karthwasten The Silver Anvil
Kolskeggr Miner's Hall
Morthal Where's Wares
No Grassias
Skyforge Complete
This Is Jorrvaskr
Whiterun Watchtowers


Open permission. You can use this mod however you like as long as it isn't for profit or in violation of Bethesda's EULA.