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TheNukaDude - original by KiCHo666

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No Collision Between Actors SSE Edition, FO4 port.

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Personally I'm sick of how followers or NPCs tend to block doors, get bottlenecked in tight areas or basically get in the way, so I made this little port.

Yes, I've used Move it Dammit, but if there is a bottleneck, followers or NPCs will only move so far before getting stuck again.
With more follower mods and mods that add NPCs to the world space, that will be available in the future, this may come in handy. Right now, I'm using an older version of Amazing Follower Tweaks, and have a minimum of 3 followers at all times. I also use most of the Immersive series mods that are out right now, that add NPCs to the world space, which in turn creates more blockage, bottlenecks and generally NPCs being in my way.

::About the mod::

This is a simple port of the Optional File from Dead Body Collision by MadAce/KiCHo666 from FO4 (permission to port and post granted).

Quote from original page
No Collision Between Live Actors - This file disables collision between living actors (NPCs/Creatures), which means you can pass through them. Similar to how you can pass through teammates in Counter Strike. It's not pretty seeing the inside of the actors, but it will solve most common problems of Companions getting in your way.
It also means other NPC/Creatures will pass through each other. Can't make it player exclusive. Sorry!

This is NOT compatible with any mod that changes actor collisions.


Install via your mod manager (recommended).


Manually: Drag 'n drop the .esp to your SkyrimSE data folder, usually here \Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data


Your mod manager (If installed via a manager).


Manually: Locate the "NoCollisionBetweenActorsSSE.esp" file in your Skyrim SE data folder and delete it, usually here \Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data

A BASHED Patch is recommended.

I don't think loadorder matters, but as normal, lower is better.