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  • Detailed walkthrough (spoilers)

    Sometime after you first enter Solitude and Roggvir's execution scene plays, Jaree-Ra will appear on the streets across from Bits and Pieces. If you talk to him, he offers to help you earn some easy gold, while hinting at Deeja and his and thieving activities. If you walk away without listening to his offer, he will then go back to his job at the Solitude Docks and can be safely ignored. You can still hear his offer as long as both he and Deeja are alive. (If either of them die, the quest cannot start; however, the Icerunner will return.) If you decide to listen, Jaree explains his scheme to put out the Lighthouse fire so that the Icerunner will run aground and can be looted. You can then end the conversation either by accepting his offer or threatening to report him to the guards.