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Become A Tomb Hunter! Bring your friends, and take on difficult dungeons.Designed for use with Skyrim: Together, but its not needed.

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Welcome Tomb Hunter, Sit down, grab some mead, listen to a tale, and revel in the loot you could share.

Tomb Hunter is the amalgamation of Tomb Raider and Borderlands in Skyrim.

Multiplayer From Skyrim Together, Dungeons which all work toward a major goal, Its all here.
So grab a friend, kill some drauger, hunt some dremora, maybe skin a skeever. (Hunterborn Players, this is for you. Plenty of pelt to find.)

In every dungeon there is a chest, which while generated for each person who uses it, isn't instanced by Skyrim Together, so everyone get double, triple, or quadruple the loot, depending on how many people are raiding the dungeon.

So get some friends, commit massive atrocities to drauger and dremora everywhere, get some loot, and clear Belethor out. Sleazy old man, at least he has good stock.

Skyrim together can be found here.