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Multiple custom palettes designed for any ENB supporting custom LUTs, ported from LE.

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Multiple custom palettes (LUT files) for any ENB that supports custom LUTs. Special Edition friends: That means Silent Horizons (etc) should be fine. :)

If you run into any issues with using these in SE, please know my ability to support that is limited at the moment but I'll do what I can.

-- original LE readme below --

Multiple custom palettes (LUT files) designed for Snapdragon Prime ENB; but they should work with any ENB that supports custom LUTs. (Antique
Dragon, Rudy etc)

Version 3.0
These are designed for Snapdragon v5.
  • Cooldown: A fairly cool (in color temperature terms) preset. Sometimes this can help compensate for high bloom/subsurface scattering and pull out texture detail that would otherwise be lost. Sometimes it just makes things very blue.
  • Red Rock: I accidentally made this while trying to make something else entirely. Don't ask me how that works. Imagine sepia, then add some more
  • Desert Sun: It's pretty bright. Also yellow. Don't use this if you are in a dark room or else you'll basically flashbang yourself. Please, your retinas deserve better.

Version 2.0
These are designed for Snapdragon v5.

Choice Pack

Some minor modifications to Tetrodoxin's excellent "Tetro's Choice" LUT, included in Snapdragon v5.
  • Single Choice: I noticed some true black colors were showing as very slightly grey, which bothered me enough to change the levels and fix it. It's a very subtle difference compared to Tetro's Choice - dark things should be a tiny bit darker, that's it.
  • Saturated Choice: Above, but also more color vibrance. Similar to Booster Shot from 1.0.

Version 1.0
These are designed for Snapdragon v4. They will work in v5, but will look different!

Main Pack

Two LUTs designed for general all-around use, with relatively moderate vibrance and saturation gain.

  • Golden Single: A versatile, well-rounded LUT. Has a slight golden overtone with moderately boosted vibrance and saturation, hence the name. Try using this in situations similar to tetrodoxin's Snapdragon LUT.
  • Booster Shot: Like above, but more saturated and even more vibrant, with a narrower level range. Usable in most situations.

Technoir Pack

Very monochrome, with apologies to Gunship and John Alton, respectively. Designed for the Aether Suite, originally, but they can work outside of it. Because monochrome really relies on the fine details, I made four progressively aggressive LUTs so you can pick whichever one(s) work for your particular shot.

  • Technoir Neutral: Balanced monochrome conversion. Does a good job inside and out of the AS, but pretty flat.
  • Technoir Tuned: Moderately tuned and color-corrected for the AS. I try this one first out of all the ones in the pack.
  • Technoir Boosted: Overtuned for a high-contrast effect. Has a very narrow usable range.
  • Technoir Ultra: Tuned and Boosted thrown in a blender.

Grading Pack
These are all very simple color changes - I figure it's rare they'll get any use but why not include them. Most interesting when you use them against a scene predominately another color (e.g. in a very orange scene, try using blueshift. Be like every movie poster in the last 15 years!)

  • Blueshift: Shaded blue.
  • Greenshift: As above, but green.
  • Redshift: You guessed it, red!

I would love to see your screenshots! Upload them or send me a link. :)

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