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My version of Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit. This little mod adds Thorin to your game and you can recruit him.

Permissions and credits
Screenshots are welcome!

Name: Thorin Oakenshield.
Level: 20 and levels up with the player.
Class: One-handed.
Race: Nord.
Height: 0.9.
Armor: Ulfric's Armor.
Weapon: Elven Sword.
Body: Vanilla (or whatever body you use).
Essential: Yes.
Marriageable: Yes.
Custom dialogue: No.
Custom voice: No (uses default nord voice).

Read about Thorin here.

Understone Keep, Markarth.

None. He will use whatever body / brows / beards you have installed. See Credits.

LogRaam for The Eyes of Beauty.
Hvergelmir for BrowsBeards (screenshots).
Bethesda for Skyrim SE and Creation Kit.
NexusMods for hosting the mod.
All my supporters.