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Legacy of the Dragonborn Companion Add-On

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Officially Endorsed Legacy Of The DragonBorn Mod 

Relic Notifications for Legacy Of The Dragonborn

Please take a moment to read the changelog before posting bugs incase your issue has already been addressed.

Mod Features:

moreHUD Inventory Edition: (Coming in V4.0.0)

Relic Notifications has full moreHUD Inventory Edition support thanks to the fantastic work done by the developer of moreHUD, Ahzaab, his work has ensured that these 2 mods work perfectly together, there are 2 brand new icons for Relic Notifications designed by Dunc001 which show the current status of the item, "Displayed" or "New" all displayable items will start with the "New" icon and switch to "Displayed" when you have added them to the Museum, the icons are fully dynamic and will update when items are added to or removed from the Museum, the icons visibility can be configured from the MCM.

                                                                                                                   Displayed Items              New Items

Notifications and Listeners:

The mod has a fully integrated notification system and a series of listeners to display messages to the player when certain events happen or when certain milestones are reached, all notification options are fully customizable in the MCM, the options are:

  • Museum Notifications - Displays a notification when an item is found that is displayable in the museum.
  • Armory Notifications - Displays a notification when an item is found that is displayable in the armory.
  • Supported Mods Notifications - Displays a notification when an item is found
  • that is displayable from any of the supported mods.
  • Museum Display Notifications: - Displays a notification when a display is
  • enabled from exploring, discovering locations, completing a quest,
    maxing out a particulur skill or becoming thane of a hold.
  • Set Completion Notifications: - Displays a notification when a collection, section, supported mod or set is completed.

Relic Storage Container:

The mod comes with a spell to access a safe storage container called the "Relic Storage Container", this container can be used on your travels to store displayable relics and items you find in the world, the container will only accept displayable items that are not already on display at the museum, trying to add any other item to the container will result in an error message, the configuration options are as follows:

  • Relic Storage Spell - The option to access and use the spell requires the "Relic Hunter" perk from the Legacy of the Dragonborn Excavation Perk Tree.
  • Auto Relic Storage - Will automatically transfer displayable items straight to the container when found in the world and added to your inventory, this feature comes with several configuration options allowing you to enable / disable certain item catagories.

When returning to the museum to display your items, you can use the Prep Station menu to automatically transfer all items from the Relic Storage Container to the Display Drop-off Chest.

Museum Scanner:

You can use the museum scan feature to update the MCM figures and completion status of any collections, sets, sections or mods,you can run the scan by using the MCM menu or the Prep Station, the scan is quick and it is recommended to run it after displaying any items.

As well as museum displays the MCM also keeps track of player wealth monitoring the treasury rooms in the Safehouse, Deepholme and Karagas' Tower, both Deepholme and
Karagas' Tower become available after completing the relevant quests.


This mod is designed and developed to act as a comapinon add-on for Legacy of the Dragonborn, use this mod alongside my Legacy of the Dragonborn - MCM Quest Tracker for a full experience completing every quest and collecting every Museum item.

The MCM menu can be utilised to customise the mod to your liking such as toggling notifications for specific sections, scanning the museum, checking your progress and updating the mods lists.

You can also access the Museum Scanning features from the right hand side of the Prep Station (Auto Sorter) near the archway in the Museum.

The mod is linked to the Museum so you will not receive notifications for items that are already on display, you will also not receive notifications when items are removed from display.

Some displays in the Museum can take muliple variations of the same item... for example the same weapons with different enchantments.. as such you will recieve a notification when acquiring each version of the item, this is intended for full comptability and only affects a limited number of items.

The mod contains over 75 scripts if installed as a full package.. to avoid save file bloat and Papyrus issues the quests that handle the notifications will shut down when a collection / supported mod is completed... as such this mod CAN NOT be updated mid play through.

Install / Uninstall:

New users simply download with your favorite mod manager.

If you are installing this mod mid-game you will be greeted with a message when you first load the game with instructions, the instructions  MUST be followed for the mod to function correctly, the mod needs to update all the information and lists and compare it to what is already in the museum, player inventory, and legacy storage,  it can take a long time for all the information from your current playthrough to be updated within the mod... Legacy is not small!

It is normal for the mid-game install process to take a long time but it only needs to be done once, you will receive a message when the process completes, please be patient and stay within the Museum until you receive a notification stating that the process has finished, you will not be able to interact with any displays, Museum Scan features or the Prep Station during this process.

Please note: I will not be held responsible for any issues arising from Updating / uninstalling this mod mid play through.. if you decide to ignore my advice you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
Wider MCM Opt 1 (Text will not display correctly without this installed)

Papyrus Extender
moreHUD Inventory Edition - Optional