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Installed, updated or uninstalled a mod? Clean your save in-game.

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Every once in a while I want to remove a mod, add one, or update. But there is a few problems... CTDs, naked NPCs, spells that don't work, ect.

Solution? Console commands.
Problem? They are a pain in the butt to use.
Solution? This method.

For cleaning your save game after mod installs,  removals, updates.

Extract the mod files into the Skyrim main directory folder (Where skyrim.exe is located)

- Dismiss followers
- Go inside a small interior (Like a player home)
- REGULAR save your game (this is your backup save)
- REGULAR save your game (this is the save we will use)

IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO SAVE YOUR GAME, check the sticky posts in the comments section.

- Open the console (~) and type BAT RESET 
- Wait 2 hours in game (just use the wait/sleep menu)
- (Non-LITE version only) Wait until MCM updates the mod menus. (It will tell you on upper left corner).

- Open the console and type BAT START
- Wait 2 hours in game (just use the wait/sleep menu)
- Open the console and type BAT KILL (this will kill the player)*
- REGULAR SAVE after loading your last save
- close Skyrim entirely and relaunch to play the game

*If the player doesn't die, make sure to disable "death alternative" mods or mods that change how the player dying works.
Inpa Sekiro Combat being one of them.

This is just a method that works for me. Not guaranteed for you as there are a TON of variables to modding.
Try at your own risk (always create a backup save).

Happy modding!