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About this mod

Necro Archer adds a new perk into the conjuration skill tree that makes it so the bound arrow, if shot at a corpse will reanimate the corpse into an undead minion. The perfect mod for players who want to play a necromancer archer build.

Permissions and credits

This is a simple mod that adds a perk called "Necro-Archer" into the conjuration perk tree. With the perk, bound arrows that are shot at a corpse will then reanimate the corpse as an undead minion.

Originally this mod was intended for my own use as it was made to just change the bound arrow so that it would reanimate the corpses it was shot at, although I decided to flesh it out and make it a perk, so it could be optional for the player and also to allow a sense of progression required in the conjuration tree before it could be used. 

Perk Requirements:
Conjuration Perk Tree
  • Requires 40 points in Conjuration
  • Previous perk: Soul Stealer (Vanilla)

If your interested in updates, please do look at the sticky post in the posts section, it explains fully what I plan to do with this mod.
Possible Updates (TODO):
  • Stronger perk that makes the shot corpses turn into dead thralls instead of the standard reanimate corpse.
  • Alter from just an "archer" perk, and make it a global perk for all bound weapons.

This mod should be compatible with most if not all mods that do not affect the conjuration skill tree.

Compatability patches will need to be made for mods that alters the conjuration perk tree.
(Please post or message if there is a specific perk overhaul mod that you want this to be compatible with).

Current perk tree overhaul patches:
These patches are found within the files page.

Small bugs:
You may notice that if you shoot a corpse that is far away, it may not reanimate it, all you need to do is move a bit closer. I guess it doesn't recognise that its got hit by a bound arrow.

Related/Recommended Mods:
Mods that add to the experience of being a necro-archer.

Manual Install:
  1. Copy the files into your "Data" folder within the Skyrim Special Edition game folder.
  2. Activate the mod
  3. Start the game and enjoy!

Mod Manager (MO2):
  1. Select the download with mod manager option
  2. Install the mod using the mod manager
  3. Enable the mod
  4. Start the game and enjoy!

Author: Sammylad298
Thanks to EnaiSiaion for his mods for the compatability patch - Ordinator & Vokrii 
Thanks to SimonMagus616 for his mod for the compatability patch - Adamant