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Strafe your camera, spam your spacebar. Jump over that hag and now woo-hah!

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Well, bunny hop is to continually jump up and down in first person games to achieve certain goals, such as speeding up, avoiding enemy attacks, doing trick jumps etc. Originated in Quake, re-discovered in Half Life games, popular in Counter-Strike series, and now it's in Tamriel.

Video by XxTWDxX

  • Gain speed after each consecutive jump
  • Strafe camera to gain speed boost
  • Launch from high ground to gain launch bonus
  • Crouch when jump up to gain crouch boost bonus
  • Ram your enemy with high speed

Requirement: SKSE (2.0.3 to 2.0.17), Address Library (All-in-one)
Supported Game Version : later than 1.5.39

Install with Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex, or manual download then install with above said tools.
Manual Installation: No, it's 2020

This is purely an SKSE plugin. Everything is done at runtime, won't bake your save file.

Below are default settings in json file (Player default speed is 100.0)
  • // global
  • globalSpeedMult : 1.0Global speed multiplier (100%)
  • maxSpeed : 450.0Maximum speed allowed
  • misstepAllowed : 4Missteps allowed to take before losing all speed
  • // base
  • baseSpeedBoost : 1.0Base speed gain after each consecutive jump
  • baseSpeedMult : 1.0Base speed gain multiplier (100%)
  • // strafe
  • minStrafeAngle : 35.0Minimum profitable strafe angle threshold
  • maxStrafeAngle : 95.0Maximum profitable strafe angle cap
  • strafeDeadzone : 35.0Non-profitable strafe angle range
  • strafeSpeedMult : 0.5Speed gain multiplier after each successful strafe (50%)
  • // height
  • minHeightLaunch : 140.0Minimum landing height to gain a launch boost
  • heightLaunchMult : 0.5Speed gain multiplier after each successful height launch (50%)
  • // crouch
  • crouchSpeedBoost : 32.0Speed gain for crouching during landing
  • crouchBoostMult : 1.0Speed gain multiplier after a successful crouch boost (100%)
  • crouchBoostCooldown : 6Number of successful jumps required to regain crouch boost
  • // ram
  • ramDamage : 5.0Base damage dealt when ramming objects
  • ramDamageMult : 0.3Ram damage multiplier based on current speed (30%)
  • ramSpeedThreshold : 220.0Minimum speed required to initiate ram
  • ramSpeedReduction : 0.5Speed loss multiplier after ramming (50%)
  • // visual
  • enableJumpFeedback: trueToggle overall jump feedback functionality
  • enableFovZoom: true Enable the fov zoom effect for jump feedback
  • enableTremble: false Enable the screen tremble effect for jump feedback (May cause visual artifacts)

Ryan (Fudgyduff) for the CommonLibSSE
T-Avatar (ArhurDing) for the help with code

Source Code sustains MIT License. But the binary upload is NOT. Contact me before redistributing on other sites.