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This mod makes Anga's Mill a whole Village with Aeri as it's Thane

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This is my newest mod in my Thanedom mod series, this time its Anga's Mill.

This mod turns the mill into a village with fortifications to defend it, a general merchant store, two houses for farmer families and a new home for a Lumberjack who will take over for Aeri on the physical labor. This Village will be defended by three guards and Aeri's Son and Housecarl.

Special thanks to AndrealphusVIII for making the garrison to the town be like vanilla cities in that depending on who controls the hold will change who garrisons it. and for cleaning up the mod.

This Mod is also most likely incompatible with any other mod that changes the area.

Also provided are two option one of which will have it so that guards outfits will change depending on who controls the Hold the other will not, but either way Guards will fight back against whichever side in the Civil war is against there Hold.

Special Thanks to Ronnie Magnum for making the new roof and doorway assets