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Uses the base dragon skeleton to make dragons larger, their wings bigger, and their neck, chests, and legs more powerful. (for screenshotting purposes)

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This mod uses the dragon skeleton model to increase the overall size of the dragons, increase the size of the wings to look as though the dragon can fly, and increases the size of the chest, neck, and legs to make the dragon appear to be more powerful.

This mod does not change the color of your dragons (that's a different mod of mine), but it will affect every modded dragon using the dragon skeleton, so I highly suggest downloading additional cool dragon mods to screenshot, such as Diverse Dragon Collection.

One caveat - due to the size changes, clipping errors when the dragon is on the ground often occur. In addition to that, changing the size of the dragons may cause problems during quests that involve dragons, such as Odahviing's, or quests that involve dragon riding. Killmoves may appear awkward.

Collision has been scaled up along with the dragon, so it's mostly fine, and the animations are fine too.

For this reason, my suggestion would be to use this mod after all main quests are done, and to use it for screenshotting purposes only. I use this mod during regular gameplay, but I'm comfortable with any clipping issues and I'm done with all main quests.

If it becomes a problem at any point, you can also uninstall/reinstall as needed, as it's a non-esp file.

Another option you have, if you want bigger wings to use during regular playthroughs, would be to use rogueshot's Immersive Dragons mod, as it only edits the wing size, and to closer-to-vanilla boundaries to reduce clipping.

Also, I beg of you to upload screenshots of cool dragons. It's what we need. It's what we deserve.