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Love the idea of ordering armor/weapons from smiths, but dislike subtitle-only dialogue or mismatched lines? This is an addon to Honed Metal SE, which switches out its lines with linked vanilla dialogue.

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I'm a huge fan of Skyliner390's mod Honed Metal, a great mod that gives the ability to custom order armor, weapons and items from blacksmiths (for a price of course).However, one issue I always had was that the short dialogue responses from the blacksmiths were dependent on seemingly unvoiced dialogue. Voice files are actually included in the mod, but have issues triggering. If they do work, they differ from the subtitles depending on voicetype.
So, I made a fix to all of this, re-assigning the responses to use existing vanilla dialogue, with matching subtitles. This means, the blacksmiths/enchanters will now respond to the orders with reasonable responses in their voicetype, and correct subtitles. I also included several minor grammar fixes.

This mod is ESL-Flagged, so it won't take up load order space. 

Two quick demos of Honed Metal + voiced addon:


This mod only affects Honed Metal SE, so compatibility won't be an issue. 


V1.3: Added additional responses for variety.
V1.1: Fixed missing line for Orc races.


Thanks to Skyliner390 for making such an awesome mod
Thanks to kowalskiy for the SE port

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