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A collection of patches for Cities of the North - Morthal, primarily moving object placements to match the new interiors, along with a few worldspace patches

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It's me again, working at resolving potential conflicts with Cities of the North - Morthal. There are a number of other patches still in progress in the queue, so PLEASE check the sticky on the posts tab, please bear with me, and I hope you enjoy. Each mod which has a patch is listed below, with specific details of all changes contained in spoilers. All patches are ESP flagged as ESL, unless otherwise noted. I'm certainly more experienced than last time, but I'm still a relative novice, so if you run into trouble, please let me know.

Included Patch Descriptions

3DNPCs/Interesting NPCs - shifts placed objects/markers to match new interiors. Swaps some removed items which are used in scripts with ones which were newly placed by COTN Morthal. Last checked against version 4.4

AI Overhaul SSE- shifts some placed idle markers to match the new interior/exteriors. Last checked against version 1.5.3

Amulets of Skyrim - Moves three amulets to their appropriate locations in the new interiors. Last checked against version 4.061

BadGremlin's Collection AIO - Moves a placed fish to its appropriate location in the new interior. Note: Patch is for AIO, not for the Fishys .esp. Last checked against version SE1

Better Dynamic Snow - Applies the BDS shaders to the COTN - Morthal statics. Last checked against 2.11.0.

Capital of Hjaalmarch - Applies Capital of Hjaalmarch's changes to the COTN exterior layout - disables the changes inside Highmoon Hall, as they don't fit the new layout. Last checked against version 1.1.1.

Cheesemod for EVERYONE - Shifts a few added cheeses to match the new interior. Last checked against version 1.0

Cloaks of Skyrim - Moves two placed cloaks to appropriate locations in the new interiors. Last checked against version 1.2.1

Clockwork - Moves the trapdoor location to match new exterior. Last checked against version 1.0

Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul/JKs Skyrim - Shifts the carriage a bit to the side so it doesn't clip through a wall. No patch needed if not using JKs. Last checked against version 2.0 of CFTO

Denizens of Morthal - Modifies a number of objects/markers to match the new interiors/exteriors. Designed for version 1.2.

Distinct Interiors - Forwards all changes done by COTN Morthal, removes added objects from Distinct Interiors. This allows you to have the COTN Morthal changes to the Moorside Inn without random added floating objects. Last checked against version 1.82

DX Gwelda Vampire Outfit - Moves the crafting book to match the new interior of Falion's House. Last checked against version 1.51

DX Witcher Armor - Moves the crafting book/materials to match the new interior of Moorside Inn. Last checked against version 1.

Enhanced Lights and FX - Two patches. one more planned. Exclusive Patch has all of COTN - Morthal's changes to lights/objects forwarded, and removes all references added by ELFX, which will give you the exact lighting intended by COTN Morthal. Inclusive Patch attempts to replicate the intention behind ELFX to the new interiors, however, due to engine limitations compromises needed to be made in two of the buildings. Last checked against version 3.06.

Finding Helgi...and Laelette - Two patches available, one with JKs, one without. Shifts the back entrance to Alva's basement. Changes how the basement is blocked in Alva's house. Completely redoes the back cliff side behind Highmoon Hall. Changes how some of the investigation occurs. Install only one of the two patches. If using the JKs patch, use IN PLACE of the JKs patch provided by Finding Helgi. Last checked against version 1.1

The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns - Applies the COTN Morthal exterior/interior aesthetics to the layout of The Great Cities. Last checked against version 2.01

The Great City of Morthal - applies the COTN Morthal exterior/interior aesthetics to the standalone Great City of Morthal. Last checked against version 1.1.

Guards Armor Replacer - Shifts placement of a few armor pieces to match the new guards' barracks interior. Last checked against version 5.5a

Holidays - Adjusts placement of decorations/fliers in the Inn so they match the new exteriors/interiors. Last checked against version 2.14

Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul - designed for version 0.4. Forwards updates to objects/markers in various interiors. In some cases, original markers are restored and moved to locations where new markers had been placed in COTN Morthal. Please note that all changes here are subjective on my part, and may not reflect the vision of the original mod. Due to the complete rewrite of interiors, any navmesh changes from COTN Morthal were forwarded.

Immersive Laundry - Slightly tweaks placement of a few laundry items. Last checked against version 1.0d

Immersive Patrols - moves an X-Marker used for wandering patrols to be back within the bounds of the Moorside Inn. Last checked against version 2.2.3

Immersive Wenches - moves a bunch of markers to match the new interiors inside The Highmoon Hall and the Moorside Inn. Last checked against version 1.60SE

Inncredible - Resolves conflicts so that COTN Morthal's interior is the interior used in Morthal, and Inncredible can be used for other inns. If using Inncredible's 3DNPC patch, load COTN Morthal's 3DNPC patch below it. Last checked against version 1.3.1

JK's Skyrim - A patch for just JKs exists on the base COTN - Morthal page. However, in addition to this, the enterprising Gardden has an all-in-one patch for both COTN mods, JKs AIO, and The Great Cities all in one at the above link. If you want your all-in-one, please check out their page - I won't be making a separate one. They were kind enough to let me take that one and apply the same changes to just The Great City of Morthal, for people who choose to use the stand-alone. I made a couple further tweaks (included interiors, etc), and that patch can be found here.

Keep it Clean- Moves the trapdoor and added towels to a new location within the new interior of the Moorside Inn. Last checked against version 3.15a

Landscape and Water Fixes - Small conflict resolution for records touched by both mods. Last checked against version 5.3

Lanterns of Skyrim II - Two patches available - one base one, one additional one to resolve a conflict between JKs patches, if you're using JKs. In that case, correct load order: COTN Morthal - JKs Skyrim Patch, LoS II - JKs Skyrim Patch, COTN Morthal - JKs Skyrim - LoS II Patch. COTN Morthal - Lanterns of Skyrim II Patch is still needed in that case, but can be loaded anywhere. Last checked against v2.1

Legacy of the Dragonborn - Surprisingly little. Moves the amulet/gem/markers in Falion's House to match the interior, moves fliers/drunk marker/gems in Moorside Inn to match new interior. Forwards a little conflict resolution, and removes some added barrels/etc which conflicted with the mailing crates. Last explicitly checked against verison 5.0.<something in the upper 20s> but the changelog has never noted anything which should impact
the patch through version 5.2.1

Mighty Morthal - applies the COTN aesthetics to mod. Last checked against version 1.3

Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim - Part of a combined patch from ra2phoenix, uses those lanterns and places them to match the combined city. Last checked against 1.0.5

Morrowloot Miscellania - Item Distribution - moves one placed book to match the new interior. Last checked against version 1.3, but given it's just one book I admittedly haven't looked at updates closely, as patch notes never indicated any changes.

Morrowloot Ultimate - same changes as the previous, but with a couple additional items which aren't included in Miscellania, as well. As I don't use this, I've been going off the changelog rather than looking explicitly.

Morthal Overhaul II - Applies the COTN Morthal aesthetics to the Morthal Overhaul layout. Last checked against version 1.0

Morthal Tree Overhaul - shifts one tree, removes a couple others to allow tree placement to work with COTN. Slight clipping, but nothing of consequence, with JKs. Last checked against version 1.

Mystic Condenser - Fixes placement of the Mystic Condenser put in The Highmoon Hall. Last checked against version 2.3

No Snow Under the Roof - Resolves conflicts between the mods, takes care of some floating snow. Last checked against version 3.2

Oblivion Artifact Pack - Fixes the placement of one dagger to fit the new interiors. Last checked against version V2C

Open Civil War - Moves a set stage trigger back over the opening of The Highmoon Hall entrance, matching the new layout. Patch was generated for revision
2.6.2 of OCW

Palaces and Castles Enhanced - resolves one NPC reference conflict. Last checked against version 2.3

Perseids Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental - Lets COTN Morthal win all conflicts with RRR, but places three interactive mead barrels and the wash basin which are part of RRR (and scripts reference) into the new interior. Load order matters here, due to compatibility patches which conflict with one another. Load COTN/RRR in any order relative to one another, then all RRR patches, then the COTN - RRR patch, and finally all other COTN compatibility patches. Behavior will be potentially erratic otherwise. Last checked against version

Populated Cities and Towns - shifts markers to match the new interiors, ties added trapdoor into new navmesh. Last checked against version 4.1

Red Flame - Moves one book to match the new interiors. Last checked against version 1.0.

Skyrim Artwork Imports - Moves any needed objects placed to match the new interior. In a few circumstances where no good spots could be found, placed items were disabled. Last checked against version 1.0

Skyrim Belongs to the Nords - shifts the markers/references that places new people/work to match the new interiors and exteriors. Last checked against version 1.1

Skyrim's Unique Treasures - Fixes placement for the added items around town. Last checked against version 4.4.

Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Swaps a couple placed objects for other ones which were removed which are tied into some packages which SIC uses, and forwards the persistent tag from SIC. Last checked against version 6.6a

Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul - Moves objects/forwards changes to match the new interiors, matching their rough equivalent location. Last checked against version 1.7.

Morthal's Where's Wares - Applies the COTN aesthetic to the Where's Wares store. Last checked against 1.200508

WiZkiD Signs/NSUTR - Patch for a couple conflicts/one placed snow object with the WiZkiD Signs - No Snow Under the Roof Patch. Last checked against version 2.2

World Assets Recycle Project - Moves objects/references to match new interiors/exteriors. Due to nature of the changes (they're all things which factor only after quests are completed), it is not explicitly tested and should be considered in beta. Based on v1.01a.

Many more patches will be added in the coming weeks, so please check the sticky post to see if there's any you're interested in coming up.

Use a mod manager/organizer to install, or drop the loose files into your Skyrim data folder. Patches should have their appropriate masters set, and should be loaded after any mods which they are patching. Some of the fixes in question are on persistent objects, and may require a new save.

I don't believe this should introduce any incompatibilities beyond anything which may be present between base mods. Let me know if you hit anything.

Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition and the Creation Kit
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
JPSteel2 for Cities of the North - Morthal
Kris Takahashi for Interesting NPCs and KaptainCnucklz for keeping track of it on Nexus
mnikjom and SpiderAkiraC for AI Overhaul
UNI00SL for Amulets of Skyrim
BadGremlin for BadGremlin's Collection
SparrowPrince TechAngel85 and Brumbek for Better Dynamic Snow
Symonson for Capital of Hjaalmarch
Kinaga for Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul
aviform, EpicCrab, DoubtSuspended, PhysicsFish, and Daniel Hodge for Cheesemod for EVERYONE
Nazenn for Cloaks of Skyrim
Antistar for Clockwork
Lollia for Denizens of Morthal
Sokkvabekk for Distinct Interiors
DeserterX for DX Gwelda Vampire Outfit and DX Witcher Armor
anamorfus for Enhanced Lights and FX
SomethingObscure for Finding Helgi...and Laelette
soldierofwar for The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns and The Great City of Morthal
Gardden for The Great Cities of JKs North
NordwarUA and DanielUA for Guards Armor Replacer
isoku for Holidays
Shurah for Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
nerdofprey for Immersive Laundry
Scrabbulor for Immersive Patrols
lordkoz for Immersive Wenches
NeverlessWonder for Inncredible
Jkrojmal and Teabag86 for JK's Skyrim
Sthaag for Keep it Clean - A Bathing Mod
wizkid34 for Landscape and Water Fixes and Lanterns of Skyrim II
icecreamassassin, SirJesto, and the LOTD team for Legacy of the Dragonborn
mathy79 for Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim
MightyNINE for Mighty Morthal
evenshadefalling for Morrowloot Miscellania
ChocolateNoodle for Morrowloot Ultimate
mnikjom and Bowgun for Morthal Overhaul II
zDas for Morthal Tree Overhaul
Dave0523 for Mystic Condenser
Prometheus for No Snow Under the Roof
Oblivionzero for Oblivion Artifact Pack
simtam for Open Civil War
SetteLisette for Palaces and Castles Enhanced
GSA2011 for Perseids Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental
the Sands of Time team for Populated Cities and Towns
Adolon for Red Flame
SenterPat for Skyrim Artwork Imports
fr15827 for Skyrim Belongs to the Nords
clintmich and icecreamassassin for Skyrims Unique Treasures
lifestorock for Skyrim Immersive Creatures
gutmaw for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul
WiZkiD for WiZkiD Signs
AndrealphusVIII, TheBxushis, and SkyLover264 for World Assets Recycle Project