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It's a reasonable mod, for the reasonable gamer. It simply alters player and NPC movement speeds to make them more realistic, and makes NPCs move the same speed as the player.

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This just seems like something that should be in the game in the first place. It modifies the movement speeds of the player (and all other humanoid npcs) to something that's more... reasonable. Here are the details:

Walk Speed = 80
Run Speed = 370
Sprint Speed = 500
Sneak Walk = 47
Sneak Run = 222

Walk Speed = 110
Run Speed = 305
Sprint Speed = 450
Sneak Walk = 95
Sneak Run = 160

There were some other minor edits that modified the movement speeds while holding weapons, spells, drawn bows, etc. in order to keep them proportional to the new, reasonable speeds. Yes, there are other files out there like this. But this one's even more reasonable.

As of v1.1.0, this mod also makes NPCs walk and run the same speed as the player, so there's no more walk-walk-run-walk awkwardness to keep up with NPCs leading you around. That was just unreasonable.

Here's a video showcase:


Use Nexus Mod Manager. Or don't. You're a grown person - you can make your own decisions. Whatever you choose, somehow the esp file needs to get into your Skyrim SE Data folder.

Known Bugs/Future Fixes

When you're sneak-walking forward and to the right, the third person animation looks a little wonky with the feet. I tried to mitigate it as much as possible but it's still there a little bit. I'll see if I can do anything to fix that and I'll update this mod as soon as I can if/when I fix it.

Please post in the comments if you encounter any other bugs and I'll get to them when I can. I'm a reasonable person, after all.