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This is reconstruction of LE version of Notice Board patch for Wyrmstooth 1.18

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Wyrmstooth is nice mod which adds considerable landmass into world of Elder Scrolls and it received various tweaks and patches when It was hosted on ModNexus.

Adding Notice Board for Wyrmstooth was one of them but unfortunately current available version for legendary edition is NOT compatible with current Wyrmstooth 1.19 because patch itself is based on older version of the mod.

It has MAJOR issues with 1.19 version as LE version patch overwrites various updates made to Wyrmstooth so far. Such as entire NPCs losing their voices, overwriting height map data, lighting, music and many other things.

In short this patch does two things.

1. Porting old LE version Notice Board patch for Wyrmstooth. In the process, I've corrected any critical conflicts with Wyrmstooth 1.19.

3. Corrected problems which old patch never giving Marauder Bounty Hunting quest due to faulty keyword usage.

Version 1.2A patch note : I figured out that any radiant quests are regenerated only upon entering other hold which makes it practically impossible to regenerate quests unless you sail back to Skyrim since Wyrmstooth inself is considered one large hold.

So I tweaked three locations of Stonehollow -Trade House, Barracks and Inn- not to be considered as part of Stonehollow and Wyrmstooth by game's system and default Notice Board system can regenerate quests instantly.

I've already tested that entering any of those three locations and exiting will regenerate any quest for Stonehollow notice board but If you don't like concept of instant quest regeneration as being immersion breaking then I advise you to stick to version 1.2

Updates in 2021/02/13 AND 24

1. Version 1.3 contains simple update to reflect Wyrmstooth 1.19 update

2. Ensures compatibility between Wyrmstooth Missives patch and Notice Board patch. ESL Flagged.