Skyrim Special Edition
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About this mod

Adds a new NPC House + Guards in Riverwood, New Enemies, new dungeon, New quest. High Level & Hard.

Permissions and credits
Greetings, I am ShiinaValkyria and this is my first mod; The Blood Prison.
I Have Played Skyrim for a very long time and always dreamed of having a proper challenge after the high levels, so I finally knuckled down and made myself this mod that I thought I would share. 
The Blood Prison is basic as I am new to creating mods, however I have done my best to maximise everything with only using assets from base Skyrim + DLC's. 

Only Compatibility issues will be with Mods that add buildings next to the Eastern Gate of Riverwood, Add a Structure near the fallen tree witht he treasure chest over the River from Riverwood, or add a structure on the other side of the mountain where I have placed Fort Valmor near Anise Cabin.
Mod Compatibility Possible Issue; ASIS, it runs fine with ASIS however sometimes enemies get things they shouldn't have. Working on exclusions list now.

What The Blood Prison hopes to bring to your game;
A new quest starting at level 50; The Blood Prison.
A new high level infinite scaling dungeon; Blood Prison Catacombs.
New unique weaponry that scales into the high levels meaning your damage will keep up with these new scaling enemies.
New armour that is lootable from the new enemies. (No new meshes in this mod)
New levelled enemies that can appear everywhere in Skyrim.

What The Blood Prison brings in terms of enemies to your game;
Locations; (Console)
Galian House (Riverwood); GalianHouse
Blood Prison Exterior (Over the river from Riverwood); BloodPrisonExterior
Blood Prison; AAABloodPrison
Blood Prison Catacombs; AAABloodPrisonCatacombs
Fort Valmor Exterior (On the opposite side of the mountain from Riverwood); AAAFortValmorExt
Fort Valmor; AAAFortValmor

The Blood Prison; Starts via Courier at level 50 (It may be wise to wait till level 70+ but feel free to challenge yourself)

Unique to Blood Prison Catacombs is many different forms of Draugr capable of using all 3 attack styles. They change appearance and abilities based on the level you are;
Draugr Spellsword, Draugr Warrior, Draugr Thu'um, Draugr Slayer, Draugr Mage/Sorcerer/Warlock, Draugr (Element)Blade, Draugr Ranger, Draugr Monk, Draugr Mystic Knight, Draugr Knight Deathlord, Draugr Knight, Draugr Emporer, Draugr Bowmaster, Draugr Archer and Draugr Grunt.
Generic Draugr; Draugr DragonSlayer, Draugr Monarch

Boss Only; Draugr Reaper, Draugr Elder Bowmaster, Draugr Dragonborn, Draugr Phantom, Draugr Nightstalker, Draugr Arch Magus, Blood Prison Skeletal Dragon

Many forms of bandits may now enter the level list, creating bandits who actually pose a threat into the late game.

Boss Only; 2 new variants of the Bandit Chief who will mess your day up if your not careful.

Elder Falmer variants all infinite Scaling.

Boss Only; Falmer Depth Mage/Lurker/Archer.

Chaurus Dreadnaught, Chaurus Blackwing, Blood Stalker Frostbite Spider, Venom Drenched Frostbite Spider (3 tiers)

Quest Only Bosses;

Bandits; Callagan, Levie, Scar, Maya.

Draugr; Blood Prison Curator, Blood Prison Keeper, Blood Prison Draugr Conjurer

Dragon Priest; Ahkrin

Dremora; Vasaque, Dread Lord Archer, Dread Knight Warrior

Non Combat NPC and Friendly NPC;
Ivan Galian (Quest Giver)
Kala Galian
Galian Guards & Head Guards (They help keep Riverwood Safe)

New Spells;
Conjure Spirit Archer
Conjure Blood Prison Ghost
Chaos Cloak
Poison Cloak

New Weapons and Armour
Elder Falmer Weapons and Armour (Slightly Higher Tier than Dragon)
Ancient Draugr Weapons (Slightly Higher Tier than Dragon)
Spectral Blade (Ebony Tier)
Reaping Blast (Reward from Post Quest Dungeon)
Blood Prison Arch Magus Staff (Reward from Post Quest Dungeon)

The Mod was tested and balanced around level 81 max gear fully enchanted and upgraded, using a follower (Lydia) on legendary difficulty. I was also prepared with 8 Ultimate healing potions before going in. 

The is my first attempt at a mod so bugs are to be expected, drop a post if you find any and I will look to fix them ASAP.

There is one known bug with Ivan Galians Dialogue, I am trying to fix it, but nothing seems to work ;_;

Thank you for trying out The Blood Prison, I will post any Mod Spotlights that I make or others make here.

EXT; Sorry about all the day 1 updates, as I said this is my first mod and I am still learning.

I will now be working on a mod that will introduce a Village, Giant Cave,  Dungeon and more that I hope to have released in a few weeks. It will scale from level 1 all the way to level 1000+.

If you like my content please let me know. I will be learning to create new meshes and more soon so please don't pick apart that :P

Thank you and feel free to ask questions and if you want any console ID's for creatures and items let me know.

If you wish to see the progress on my next Mod(s), please check out

I will also be streaming the creation of my next mod at mostly of weekdays between maybe 12 and 5 ish