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Skyrim Indie Music: Lokir's Ashes adds a travelling three piece band to Skyrim who visit various inns and perform their original, lore friendly songs for passing adventurers.

This is a direct port from the oldrim mod I made many years ago. It is far from perfect but I have decided to port it over due to so many positive responses. Thank

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Skyrim Indie Music Mod: Lokir's Ashes port from LE.  

Hey guys! I (formerly rbg167z) finally ported this mod into SE.  I made it a long time ago and it is far from perfect, but so many of you have been so supportive so I decided to make it available for SE.  After spending 1000+ hours in skyrim I had moved on to other things for a long time but I'm playing Skyrim again and I'm thinking of updating or maybe even recreating this mod. So definitely stay tuned if you like it.  Please forgive the imperfections as I'm a songwriter and not a modder so much haha  If you like the music, here is a link to the full playlist!

Link to songs from the mod!!