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Contextual Helmet Equipping - Combat:
Version: 1.3
Author: weds4

Description: Has 2 modes. The default mode works as follows: Unequips the currently worn helmet when exiting combat. Requips the same helmet when next entering combat. Has special conditions that decide whether the helmet should be reequipped. If you are wearing a different helmet, that helmet stays equipped. If you are wearing enchanted headwear (slots 30 or 31), that headwear stays equipped. If you are wearing an enchanted circlet, it will stay equipped.

The second mode (added in 1.3) works the the same way as the default mode, except that it will re-equip the headgear you were wearing before combat once combat has ended. The same conditions for helmet re-equipping from the default mode still apply in this mode. The condition for saving previous headgears is that they use amor slots 30 or 31 and/or are a circlet. Remember that if you wore a helmet in the last combat, then switch to an enchanted circlet, when you enter enter combat next, you will keep wearing the circlet.

Includes a spell (in the power menu) that cycles the modes. This power can be used to turn the mod off. I still don't recommed uninstalling mid-playthrough, but if you feel you must, using the spell to turn off the script is a necessary step.


Installation: Manual or any mod manager works

Known Issues: None so far

Compatibility: Compatible with all mod added equipment provided they have appropriate keywords

The folks on the Prometheus Discord for helping me with the coding
SKSE team for their hard work