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Lore-friendly changes to the enchantment and stats of the Rueful Axe.

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  • Reuploaded file because I made a spelling mistake :D

  1. Changed stats of the Rueful Axe to match those of Ebony Battleaxe.
  2. The Rueful Axe is now affected by Ebony Smithing Perk.
  3. Removed Stamina enchantment. Instead the Rueful Axe now deals more damage to werewolves (script).
  4. The axe can be ENCHANTED.

About enchantment:
Damage to werewolves was added not as an enchantment, but as a script (similar to how Silver Sword deals damage to undead and werewolves, and Wuuthrad deals damage to elven races), so the axe, if not enchanted, can benefit from Elemental Fury shout. Or you can enchant it, still have damage to werewolves, but the shout won't affect the axe.

Use Mod Manager or manually drop .esp file to Data folder.

Delete with Mod Manager or delete .esp file from Data folder.
(I'm not sure if it's 100% safe since this mod uses script)

P. S. I make a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes because English is not even my 2nd language :P