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A simple mod that places another Dusty the Siltstrider at the Bulwark in Raven Rock. Now you can travel easily between Raven Rock and Tel Mithryn while keeping some immersion.

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Welcome to: Old Dusty travels again...        


A simple mod that gives you Siltstrider travel between Raven Rock and Tel Mithryn, especially useful during the main quest for Dragonborn where one has allot of running back and forth between these two points. (my friend Joe was tired of that) Of course you can simply fast travel and this is in a way just that, but for those of us who like to keep some form of immersion and avoid fast travel by map, this is almost like riding a carriage in Skyrim but without dialogue.
Simply walk unto the ramp toward the Siltstrider and you will emerge at the other end on the ramp leaving the Strider.

This mod works for followers!

SSE Installation notes: unlike the original this version has a mesh and texture folder for Facegen! Use NMM to install or manually place the texture and mesh folder into your Data folder and click yes on all prompts.

If you have talked to the caretaker of the Siltstrider Revus Sarvani, you will know that the strider "Old dusty" does not want to travel anymore and never moves from that spot; I thought that was pretty sad and that she is one of the last of her kind. So I imagined she changed her mind and makes the short trek along the coast when a needy traveler arrives...

This mod basically copies the Strider and Revus Sarvani (with a unique id) and since you cannot be in two places at once it will appear as if they move between sites.
No new dialogue was added for now, but Revus is protected now because he dies far too easily as one of very few vendors around, and the Revus on the Bulwark has a few idle markers to pass the time.

I hope you find this useful and enjoy the look of a Siltstrider at Raven Rock :)

A special thanks to RefurbMadness for helping out with the implementation of the mod!
The mod was cleaned with TES5Edit.
Obviously the "Dragonborn" dlc is required.

ALso take a look at my Solstheim player home "Tel Ascadia" 

Compatibility Notes: These are from the original mod you need to check for availability of these mods for SSE!
This mod is compatible and Recommended with "Raven Rock Expanded" by uglydemon:

This mod is also compatible with ETaC Ravenrock :