Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Adds 350 different gemstones for mining and looting, 100 Gem Statues, 25 Gem Skulls and 10 unique coin currencies, 5 new Ores, 12 new Alloys, 32 gemstone weapons, 1 gemstone armor, and 100 unique gem chests scattered throught skyrim

Permissions and credits
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I've attached a complete ReadMe file to this page for anyone who wants to see my progression, information, and future notes ive made, click on the readme tab and on the top right, click view as text file so its more organized looking!!! if you have any requests for gemstones that are still blank on the weapon, lemme know, there's still time!!!!

I want to thank PrivateEye for the unique weapon types he created!!!! awesome modder, and id like to premptively thank Darkjesusmn, Lautasantenni, Billyro and JayCrane for there permissions to use the Fenrir Blades and Aetherium Armor and Weapons, which will be worked on for V4.0

The Gemstone Collector V3.3
- adds 350 new unique gemstones that can be mined and looted
- adds 4 new precious metal coins and 6 gemstone coins to loot
- adds 50 rare and unique Crystal Dibella Statues that you can collect from loot
- adds 50 rare and unique Crystal Queen Bee Statues that you can collect from loot
- adds 25 rare and unique Crystal Skulls that you can collect from loot and from Skeletons and Draugrs
- adds 5 new ores for future weapon alloys
- adds 12 new alloys for future weapons and jewelery
- adds 100 Unique Gemstone Chests in dungeons around skyrim
- adds 32 Gemstone Weapons
- adds 1 complete Gemstone Armor set

I wouldn't sell any coins though, for anyone who is trying my gemstone mods for the first time, you should know that in the future, there will be gemstone chests scattered all over Skyrim, these chests will require gemstone keys, which will be obtainable only through the gem coin currencies, the coins may also play a role in the future gem home. so sell the coins at your own risk. If you have a previous version, delete it after you download this one and load game, you will still have your gemstones.

There is a 50 gemstone version (V1.5) for people that dont like too many gems and it can be searched in the mod section in skyrim

Dont forget to Endorse this mod!!!!! It will encourage others to try it out... if you think its a 'worthy' mod.

Future Plans

V4 - adding gemstone weapons, gemstone armors, gonna do something new this time > gemstone cutting, gem keys + gem chests, gemstone treasure drops scattered everywhere, new wood types, gem masks, jewelery, gem books, 2 gem homes, and finally a gemstore

V5 - 500 Gems, adding about 18 mining ores to the game, all gemstones will be found in certain enviroments that fit into today's realm of geology, ex. sulfur is typically mined in basalt, so there will be a basalt mining ore, which many other gemstones are mined from. Another new aspect of the mod will be elements extracted from gems to make slightly modernized weaponry, but in a medieval approach


PrivateEye - Heavy Armory (Most of the unique weapons I use are retextures of PrivateEye's Mod)

FUTURE CREDITS: (Havn't worked with these yet, but can't wait too!!)

lautasantenni - Aetherium Armor and Weapons - and Darkjesusmn for porting it to SSE

Billyro and JayCrane - Fenrir Blades

Phate3 - FF7 Masamune

DemonZariche imported by DoubleBrewski for Skyrim, imported to SSE by Haladoon - FF7/Crisis Core Buster Sword
Skyrim SE

Skyrim (original)

Original (Oblivion)

Saerileth - Gemling Queen Jewelry SE, imported to skyrim by Lordjoseph7, Gamwich for his original texture work!
Skyrim SE

Original Skrim

Ousnius - SSE NIF Optimizer (most of the ported files from original skyrim wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Ousnius!!)

Last but not least, have to give credit to the creators of Skyrim because all other items are retextured versions of the original game