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Fortify Bound Weapons enchant with Vanilla weapon scaling.

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This is a necklace with an enchant to fortify bound weapons. The scaling is the same as the scaling for one handed weapon enchants.
The original work belongs to QuickSilver500 for the original :

His version though was majorly boosted which was fine if you were using the enchant by itself but if you are going to combine it with other mods that let your bound weapons scale with skill level like "Full Magic Scaling" :   , it could lead to overpowered bound weapons.

I also had an issue where the model had no texture on so if you dropped it or anything, you were going to have trouble finding it. So I updated the model with a necklace from "Amulets of Skyrim SSE" : , I believe I used the Dark Brotherhood necklace.

This is 98% QuickSilvers original work, I just changed the magnitude and the model for it. So for any more information than this, I would check his forums and give him credit for this originally.

As for the model, thank UNI00SL, it looks really good and i figure a skull seems fitting for something that modifies bound weapons which are supposed to be twisted Daedra.

This is most likely to be my only update to this. The permissions on the original mods said you could modify them as you saw fit so long as you gave them credit for their work. I will have mine the same.  You don't have to give me credit for this either as I barely did anything. Give QuickSilver500 and UNI00SL credit for their work if you modify this further.

Hope you enjoy.

Edit: I THINK I figured out how to ESL flag it and did so, I test it and it works fine. So hopefully that helps.