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Remember The Old Ways I adds 9 shrines of the Nordic / Dragon Cult Pantheon with unique blessings in a temple near Ironbind Barrow. Port of the original mod by XutzBR.

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Remember The Old Ways I is a port of the original mod by XutzBR that aims to improve gameplay in a lore-friendly way. It adds a temple, just next to Ironbind Barrow that is devoted to the animal totems of the Dragon Cult. It contains 9 shrines, each with its own unique buff that is related to the god's respective attributes. The shrines act just like vanilla ones, so you can only have one blessing at a time.

The blessings are well-balanced, so they're neither useless nor overpowered. Because of its percentage values, these buffs are useful both in early and late game.

If you are more deeply interested in the pantheon's lore, I suggest reading Shor son of Shor. And if even more interested, you can dig in the Imperial Library or in the TES Lore.

Experienced in adventures, the fellow dovah probably know that nothing comes for free, so sharpen your sword before entering the temple. You should also
know that you can't just go around exploring Nordic ruins without a torch, especially this one one.

Alduin the Dragon: Head of the Dragon Cult, although not of the Ancient Nordic Pantheon, also known as the "World-Eater", believed himself and his kin to be the superior beings of all creation. For that, and also for his ferocity and power, he became worshiped by many of the Ancient Nords. Those under his blessing will do +20% damage to Humans, Mer, and Beastfolk.

Shor the Fox: The fallen god-hero of mankind is the chief deity of the Ancient Nordic Pantheon. Depicted by the Atmorans as a bloodthirsty but also cunning warrior-god, Shor was the first - in Nordic mythology - who led men against Mer; Ysgramor and Wulfharth after him. Under the sign of the Fox, blocking is 20% more effective and your Light and Heavy Armor skills are increased by 20. 

Kyne the Hawk: Mother of Men, Goddess of Storm, Warrior-Widow of Shor. Held in the highest esteem by Nordic hunters, the mother to both man and beast teaches us to respect her creations. Those under her sign do 15% more damage with bows and their stamina regenerate 20% faster.

Tsun the Bear: Keeper of the Whalebone Bridge, Shield-Thane of Shor, and the Nordic God of Trials. Those who seek entry into the Hall of Valor in Sovngarde will have to face the Bear in fair combat. As befitting of another warrior-god, those blessed by the Bear will learn Warrior abilities 10% faster and also gain +10 to their Smithing skill.

Stuhn the Whale: Brother of the Bear and also a Shield-Thane of Shor. He showed men how to take, and the benefits of taking, prisoners of war
and, unlike his Imperial version, Stendarr, is the God of Ransom. As a true warrior-god he fought against the Aldmeri pantheon and by his blessing, one-handed and two-handed weapons do 15% more damage.

Jhunal the Owl: The Father of Language and Mathematics, God of Runes, Wisdom and Knowledge. He fell out of favor with the Nords, but mages still praise him in high esteem. Although part of the pantheon, the sign of the Owl is hard to find among war-born Nords. But even out of favor, Jhunal's few followers will find it 10% easier to learn the skills of a Mage and be granted +10 to their Enchanting skill.

Mara the Wolf: Like a mother-wolf, the Nordic interpretation of Mara is the strict mother that would do anything to protect her pups. The Handmaiden of Kyne, Concubine of Shor, and Goddess of Familial Love grants those under her protection are 20% more effective Restoration spells.

Dibella the Moth: Another Goddess of Love, albeit the sexual side of love. She also symbolizes life, rebirth, and death. Ashes to ashes, like a moth that breaks from chrysalis, she sheds her dead skin to emerge as something beautiful and new. Followers of the Moth are more persuasive and are 20% more effective with their Speechcraft skill.

Orkey the Snake: The Trickster God, he is a variant of Malacath and an enemy god of the Nords. Described as the God of Mortality, because according to legend he somehow tricked the Atmorans to give up their longevity, who until then lived as long as Mer. Those under the protection his protection deceive almost as well as he and find it 10% easier to learn Thief Skills and be granted +10 to their Alchemy skill.


  • Shrines with unique buffs - obviously.
  • Lightable braziers - just equip the flames spell and fire them up. Until you do so, don't forget a torch!
  • Safe storage - The temple is NOT a player home, but every container inside is safe.

1) "Why can't I access the shrine of The Dragon?"
Because the bridge that should connect it with the rest of the temple was removed by the former priest, as it say in the Journal page in a shelf nearby. And actually you can access the shrine, but you must have the Whirlwind Sprint shout.

2) "Why there's a shrine dedicated to Alduin if he is the antagonist of the whole story?"
The Dragon is the major deity of the Dragon Cult, which is the theme of the Temple.

3) "Okay, I now understand why there's a shrine to Alduin, but why is there one devoted to Orkey, an enemy god to the Ancient Nords?"
Since there was no other god suitable to give thief-related buffs, who better to do so than the "Trickster"? He is also technically part of the Nordic pantheon as well.

4) "Aren't the buffs a little overpower?"
That will depend on the opinion of each player and his mod selection. But I personally think they're not, since a low level player wouldn't get access to them so easily...

I am not the original author, just a porter who obtained the rights to port this to SE. I can't provide any support as a result, but from my testing this works exactly as the original. I'll leave the Comments section open regardless. Don't forget to endorse the original mod!