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Changes the effects of food to be slightly more interesting and lasting.

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In the vanilla game, I never found food all that interesting. It's effects were typically just equivalent to a weak healing potion. Not only did I find this boring, it did not thematically fit the game in that you would want stop combat to eat everything in your inventory when you became damaged in combat. The one exception to this was the homecooked meal from your spouse.  With this mod, I aim to make all food to be more similar to the effects of the homecooked meal, with slightly interesting 10 minute effects.

I saw slightly  to distinguish this mod from others such as  kryptopyr's Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul or 
wcpaeb's Cooking In Skyrim which are much more ambitious and far reaching mods. I am going for something simple that makes food interesting but not a radical departure from Vanilla


Food should be eaten before battle, not during

Food should be meaningful but not very powerful

Food effects should make thematic sense

Cooking Food should be rewarded with effects greater than the sum of its parts

A varied diet should be rewarded


All effects last 10 minutes. Eating the same food item will reset the 10 minute timer, not double the effect. Eat a variety of foods for a variety of effects. The type of effect is based on the type of food. For cooked foods that are composed of different food groups, they will have multiple effects based on their components. The effects are as follows:

  • Dairy -    Health Regen
  • Meat -    Fortify Health
  • Veggie - Magicka Regen
  • Fruit -     Fortify Regen
  • Grains & Starches -    Stamina Regen
  • Sweets -        Fortify Stamina

Alcoholic Beverages have also been affected. Restore Stamina is changed to a 2 minute Fortify Stamina. It is also significantly more powerful, giving 100 or more stamina points. The stamina regen debuff also lasts 2 minutes and is also significantly stronger.

See the Docs tab for complete list of food item effects

1.1 - Crostata Update 
Each of the three crostatas from the Hearthfire DLC now give 15 fortify stamina plus a moderate effect based on their alchemical ingredient:

  • Snowberry Crostata - +10% fire resist
  • Jazbay Crostata - +20% Magicka Rate
  • Juniper Berry Crostata - +20% Health Rate

1.2 - Apple Pie Update
Apple Pie and its little sister, apple dumpling, had such small effects that it was never worth crafting. The two items have been buffed to the following values:
  • Apple Pie: 30 Fortify Stamina, 10 Fortify Magicka
  • Apple Dumpling: 10 Fortify Stamina, 5 Fortify Magicka

Note I removed the Fortify Marksman that was present in vanilla from the dumpling since I felt it didn't thematically fit. The ingredients indicate it is a Apple Pie Lite and that is what it's effects match. 

I also nerfed the cheese a bit but they are still pretty powerful. Maybe even still overpowered. But now at least slightly less so. 

2.0 - FOMOD Update
Now bundled into a single FOMOD Installer with all the compatibility patches. Added new patches including Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.
Also Buffed Cooked Meat. Meat effects are now mostly consistent among three types.
  •  Small Meat (e.g.Pheasant Breast, Mudcrab legs, Rabbit Legs) - Raw: 1 Fortify Health; Cooked: 10 Fortify Health
  • Large Meat (e.g. Horker Meat, Horse Meat, Dog Meat) - Raw: 2 Fortify Health; Cooked: 20 Fortify Health
  • Fish (e.g. Salmon) - Raw: 5 Fortify Health; Cooked: 10 Fortify Health


Load after mods that make any changes to food. Will need a patch for any mod that adds food.

Includes Compatibility Patches for: