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Hate serving Molag Bal but still want to collect all the items? Loot the Mace from Lord Harkon's cold ashes.

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Here's another mod to collect unique items without going through "evil" quests that may not fit your character. 
Instead of becoming the Champion of Molag Bal, you can skip the House of Horrors quest and find the Mace when you loot Lord Harkon's ashes at the end of Dawnguard.

Lore-Friendliness: Harkon is definitely a follower of Molag, making him his champion is not canon, but is not that much of a stretch.

- this mod only adds the Mace to Harkon's items, it does not edit quests otherwise, so please only use it if you mean to don't mean to play House of Horrors to its end (if you want an alternative to avoiding Tyranus forever, or leaving it hanging after the first steps, you can try Renounce the Daedra, Epic Restoration or House of Horrors Divine Intervention)
- since it edits Harkon's records, any other mod that alters the same NPC (appearance mods etc) will require a patch. Here's a helpful guide, it's made for different mods but it applies to all conflicts between mods that edit NPCs. Let me know if you need any help.

NEW: alternate version compatible with Diversity; it does not require the main file (it carries over Diversity's edits to appearance, plus it adds the mace), but it requires Diversity as a master.

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