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An addon for the replacer version of Real Bows that replaces the vanilla Bound Bow with DecimusMaximus' superior model. I also got rid of the annoying FX on the bow, arrows and quiver.

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Get Real Bows for SSE here. (While you're at it, you might as well download and endorse DecimusMaximus' Oldrim version of the mod.)

This replaces the vanilla Bound Bow model with that of DecimusMaximus' spectacular Daedric bow. I also removed the ridiculous vanilla FX from the bow, arrows and quiver.

If you don't want to use Real Bows for whatever reason, installing the mod will remove the FX and give you a de-purplified vanilla model.

Install with NMM or drop the ESP into your Data folder. Compatible with anything except a bound weapons overhaul, of which I don't believe there currently are any. Tested with Ordinator, works fine. No game stats were changed.

Thanks to DecimusMaximus for making the stunning Real Bows mod, and PukinDumpling for porting it to SSE. Happy hunting.