Skyrim Special Edition
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Removes makeup and warpaint from Bijin Warmaidens SE.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the makeup facetint textures in Bijin Warmaidens SE with blank skintone versions. If you like this mod, there is also one for Wives and NPCs.
This mod removes makeup and warpaint from NPCs in the mod Bijin Warmaidens SE by rxkx22.
You can choose which character keeps or removes their makeup during installation.  
All options are chosen during installation. Afterwards, just play the game and enjoy.
Use a mod manager like Vortex.
Acquire the mod by clicking the Files tab and clicking on the latest version. Don’t forget to install and enable the mod in your mod software.
Your mod manager might report a conflict. For example, Vortex will provide a pop-up saying “There are unresolved file conflicts”.
Don’t panic, you just need to tell your mod manager to load this mod after Bijin Warmaidens SE and overwrite some files. In Vortex, you can do this directly through the pop-up warning by clicking on “More” and then “Show”. Where it says Makeup Remover for Bijin Warmaidens SE, select the “???” drop down box and choose “after”.
Q: Oldrim?
A: It should work. Try it and see.
Q: Can I remove the makeup but keep warpaint or vice versa?
A: No, it’s all or nothing for now.
Q: What did you do? It looks like you changed the model’s face!
A: That’s just the magic of cosmetics! The core of the Bijin mods are rxkx22’s hard work on the facial structure and I’d never disrespect that and modify it. Heck, I don’t even know how. All I did was replace texture files.

Q: I have a neck seam problem, how I get rid of it?
A: Some time back, HHaley solved all neck seam issues with the Fair Skin Complexion mod. Specifically by editing the texture file. If you use Bijin Skin for Bijin Family SE by Shiva182, then the same texture fix is also included. Choose either. If I recall, the installers will allow you to select only if you don’t want anything else in the mod.