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I gave Nazeem Deadric amror, a Deadric sword, health potions, and stamina potions, making it so he can put up more of a fight.

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I decided to make it so Nazeem is more of a challenge to kill. I raised his level from 4 to 25 and gave him a Deadric sword and set of armor, making it so he can put up more of a fight. I mean I pretty much kill Nazeem in every playthrough of Skyrim and I feel like at this point it's just was too easy. You could kill Nazeem at level 1 with an iron sword if you really wanted to. I decided to change that. I also gave Nazeem 25 health potions, 15 stamina potions, and 2,500 gold you can loot from him, as well as the Deadric armor set and sword he has. I made this just for fun and also because I have been trying to make Skyrim a little bit more challenging since I've played through Skyrim a bunch of times on both vanilla and modded.