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A retex for the bats that come out of caves. Now with an optional esp that makes bats able to be shot down with drops and a few bats clinging to cave walls.

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This mod replaces the vanilla bats-that-fly-out-of-caves-just-to-mess-with-you textures with textures twice the size.
It comes in four colors: light grey, light brown, dark grey, and dark brown, so you'll need to go to the downloads page and pick one to
download it with NMM. (for the record, the ones in the unlabeled screenshots used dark brown)

There are screenshots of the vanilla bats up for comparison.

The mod is mostly for screenshots. I took some really cinematic screenshots of the vanilla bats the other day and realized they were excessively ugly blobs that were
getting in the way of said cinematic screenshots. With Halloween coming up, I can't afford blobby bats in my screens.

Now also includes an optional esp in the download section: with it, you can now, if you're fast enough, shoot or strike at the bat swarm and down one if you're lucky. Once you strike, search the surrounding area; it may land a ways around you (it was flying very quickly, after all; inertia is a thing).

It also adds the occasional bat clinging to cave walls, found only in caves where there are bat swarms (for the record, there are 13 places with bat swarms, and 8 bats total that can be found clinging to walls). These will stay put and can be shot down more easily than the swarms, but they can be very hard to see, especially in dark caves. You'll have to look hard.

They're lootable for bat wings, a fairly powerful ingredient. The color of the wings will correspond with the texture you chose (pictured above is the dark brown).

  Note that the esp is standalone; you will need to download a texture file with it for the retexture. This means you can use just the retexture part of this mod (which has no esp's), just the esp portion of the mod (which will not retexture the bats), or both at the same time.