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A follower with a COtR-based head. "The Dragon Hunter." Find him in The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold!

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I V A N  D R A C H E N J Ä G E R
The Dragon Hunter

(Follower Edition)

3/28: ESL-flagged ESP version added! Please let me know if you encounter any issues, as this is one of my first Light plugins! :) Also, please don't switch to this plugin mid-game!

This is a mod that turns one of my COtR presets, Ivan, into a follower and brings him to life into the world of Tamriel!

Ivan is a Nord Spellsword who resides in The Frozen Hearth Inn in Winterhold. He can be married and can adopt. By default, he comes packaged with Steel Armor and a Steel Sword (the armor in the screenshots is not included, but can be found in the "recommended mods" section), and he will take on whatever mods you use for those. You can manage him with a follower framework such as Nether's Follower Framework.

(Also, I realize that his GIF says V2! Please ignore that. I used his preset's banner PSD as a template and I forgot to remove it. I'm tired at the time of writing this and don't wanna re-export everything! :cry: )

H A R D  R E Q U I R E M E N T S


S O F T  R E Q U I R E M E N T S

SAM Light + SAM Light High-Poly Conversion + SAM Light Texture Add-On + SAM Morphs for RaceMenu (NSFW!)
SAM Light Texture Add-On x COR Patch* (Also NSFW!)

Alternatively, you can use Vitruvia if you'd like to keep using the Vanilla/SOS Light Body, but would like to eliminate the neck seam. 


KouLeifoh Daren Armor for SAM

Ivan is not a standalone follower. As a result, he will require that you have the latest version of COtR installed, along with its requirements! Besides, if you're not already using this mod, I'd like to introduce you guys to the absolute  m a g i c  it brings to character creation! ♡

His body will use whatever body mod you have installed, so I recommend that you use the mods in the "soft requirements" section of this mod page to prevent issues such as neck seams.

Ivan comes packaged with KS Hairdos "Maine." Kudos to the KS Hairdos team for allowing their beautiful hair to be packaged with NPC mods!

*Download the file titled COR - SAM Lite Patch 1.0a Unpack it, then re-arrange the folder structure as (Data>Textures>!COR_Male>Head) then repack and install as a normal mod, overwriting the original COR textures.

Enjoy! If you're playing with Ivan, I'd love to see him in your game! ♡


This wouldn't have been possible without the amazing work of m4mk203 (Trixter) and the COR Team, so be sure to drop by his page and give them some love! ♡ ♡ ♡

Credits to Kalilies and Stealthic of KS Hairdos for allowing their hair to be packaged with NPC mods! ♡ ♡ ♡

M Y  O T H E R  M O D S  A N D  E N D S

Check out my profile.