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CelsiuZ Hellscreamy and Fled1

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This mod aims to recreate parts of Azeroth from Warcraft.

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This mod was originally created by Celsiuz and Hellscreamy, and it caught my interest as I like Warcraft. Azeroth in Skyrim had been abandoned for a while so I picked it up and tried to continue where they left off.

Down to brass tacks:
The state of the mod is still an early alpha build, but you should experience something that is stable, and works fine.
I recently began attempting to give Azeroth it's aesthetic, and that can be seen in the images or the video. 
All in all the mod still features some underdeveloped areas, but if you are into Warcraft and feel like taking a stroll around Elwynn Forest, the mod is here for you to try out.  

To travel to Azeroth, take the portal which you'll find atop the Bandits Den (White River Watch), overlooking Whiterun.  (Refer to Screenshots).


What is done?

- Elwynn Forest has its general layout, it is still being developed and is missing some locations, enemies.. etc.
- Duskwood has it's layout mapped out also, but is less developed than Elwynn.
- Redridge is very early development, it's unfinished but contains the early stages of Lakeshire, Althers Mill and Stonewatch Keep.
- Westfall I started creating a while back, it's basically just the bones of the zone that is done.

What has been done recently?

Besides trying to reach towards the Warcraft Aesthetic, I more recently have been tackling the mods stability and performance issues.