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These are four save games at the end of the Dawnguard quest-line (Volkihar-Sided)

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Since there are no savegames on the Nexus for a completed Dawnguard (Volkihar-Sided) that don´t touch anything else, I decided to make some myself.

These saves are nearly completly clear - the only mod I used is "Alternate Start - Live another Life" to be able to start as a Volkihar vampire without touching anything else. There are no other mods involved whatsoever - not even SkyUI.

I finished the quest-line and one single side quest: "Find Arvak's Skull" so you can summon him. I didn´t do anything else. The only items I looted were the Ancient Falmer Armor set, Auriel´s Bow (obviously), one Royal Vampire Armor and Harkon´s Sword. (Ok, there are a few trash items in the inventory too, but nothing special)

The four Saves are:

1. before killing the Arch-Curate 
2. after killing the Arch-Curate
3. before killing Harkon
4. after killing Harkon

I used a female Breton btw.