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A minimalistic hideout for your character near Black-Briar Lodge and the Rift Border with Morrowind.

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The Rift Pass Hideout is a minimalistic home (cave) for your player near Black-Briar Lodge and Morrowind border gate.
It contain 5 containers (After few tests, they don't reset), 2 bedrolls, a fire and a cooking pot.
Navmesh is ready for your followers ("My House is Your House" compatibility).
Your follower can "sandbox" in this house (sit on a rock, sit on the floor near the campfire etc.)
The door is closed, but it can be easily lockpicked (Novice).
Because I created first this hideout for me and I don't play with fast travel, so I didn't set a Map Marker (could be added in future) but meanwhile you can fast travel at the Black-Briar Lodge and go front on the cliff (really really close).
I could probably add some details and furnitures inside and outside in future.

I recommend :
Simply Not Fast Travel
My Home is Your Home

Before installation of any mods, make a backup of your saves.
For title and background, I used the beautiful Sovngarde font and the DrukaatieBurti open source font.