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Patches Witchhunter's prayer books to work in the Wintersun system

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ESL flagged ESP.

Alters Witchhunter's prayer books, or rather the 'spells' they teach.

The spells (prayers) now instead of giving a once a day power, now act in a similar way as the shrines from Wintersun.

To expand on that, they do NOT cure disease or give the increased favor gain of Wintersuns system.

They DO have the base effect of activating a shrine in the Wintersun system.
Ie, when you cast the spell (prayer) is now activates the popup from Wintersun to become a follower of that god.
Wintersun's system then takes over from there. Ie, you would then use WS prayer power to pray to the god you follow.

Activating the spell again will have no effect unless its from a god you are not currently following.

As an 'addon' to this, I have a leveled list patch which adds the prayer books of Witchhunter to the world, with an optional variant that removes the prayer books from merchants.

Wintersun and Witchhunter are both required in their entirety.
All this mod does it patch WH to have the WS effects when the prayer spells are cast.