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This is a conversion of "Truly Light Elven Armor (female) for SSE - Replacer - Standalone" to the CBBE 3BA body.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a conversion of Truly Light Elven Armor (female) for SSE - Replacer - Standalone to the CBBE 3BA body. It does not require the original mod, but it wouldn't hurt to download that mod and endorse it as thanks to the original mod author.

The replacer version of this mod replaces the meshes of the heavier, vanilla, elven armor (not heavy armor, since all of the elven armor is light armor). It does not affect the elven armor that actually has light armor in its name. You can, of course, see what the new meshes look like in the screenshots.

Alternatively, you can use the standalone version to add an entirely new version of the elven armor which use these meshes. To obtain the armor, you can either craft it like you would the vanilla armor or use the AddItemMenu NG mod to magically add it to your inventory (or use console commands, but AddItemMenu NG is easier).

You can use both the replacer and standalone versions at the same time if you want to, though I'm not sure why you would.

All of the armors use the standard textures for elven armor. So, if you use a texture replacer such as the aMidianBorn Book of Silence SE or Elven Alternative Armor and Weapons, then it will change the textures for this armor just like it would the vanilla armors.

The bodyslides use the CBBE 3BA body, so they come with the standard 3BA physics. However, because this armor includes a breastplate that arguably shouldn't be bouncing around like a bikini top, the bodyslides provide two options for the cuirass:

* Cuirass (Full Physics)
* Cuirass (No Armor Physics)

The Full Physics version is a normal CBBE 3BA conversion with all of the bones intact, so everything bounces (even the breastplate). However, the No Armor Physics version has had the breast and belly bones removed so that the breasts and belly will not bounce. The butt and thighs bounce for both versions.

If you are not familiar with how to use Bodyslide to generate meshes for outfits to match a body preset, then check out the documentation for Bodyslide and Outfit studio as well as any tutorials that it links to. You will need to use Bodyslide to generate the meshes for this outfit, or it will not work. Default meshes are not provided.

* Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

* aMidianBorn Book of Silence SE

The original mod gave full permission for anyone to modify and upload changes so long as it's on the Nexus. This mod has the same permissions

The original mod was made by Letstryagain.