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A bokken (wooden katana)

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Name: Bokken
Version: 1.4
Date: 05/06/2014
Category: Weapons
Author: Kiri Kaeshi

Update 1.2:

Added a two handed HeavyBokken and a one handed version without tsuba

Update 1.3:

Added a missing crafting recipe for heavy bokken

Update 1.4:

Added a missing tempering recipe and adjusted weight of weapons.




It's a fancier version of wooden sword from hearthfire DLC. New model and texture, it's not a replacement.

It can be given to an adopted child (possible conflict with other mods that add giftable items, e.g. Toy Story).

It can be crafted at forge (firewood and iron ingot )and tempered at grinding stone (firewood).

It can be used as a weapon, but it's probably useless gameplay-wise. I mostly use it as a decoration to fill up weapon rack.


Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder


1. Uncheck the Boken.esp in the Launcher
3. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod

Known Issues/Incompatibilities:

I had to edit a list of giftable items to be able to give it to an adopted child, so any other mod that alters the same list will create a conflict (last loaded will be active).

You can workaround that by placing boken mod last in load order, give boken to a child and then change load
order to whatever you prefer; the child will continue to carry boken.

This doesn't affect crafting and giving the weapon to a follower.


Thanks to Jacknifelee for help with giftable items list.


You may use the content as you please, no permission or notification required.

On request I will provide original 3ds max and photoshop files.