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This mod have a chest with a Nightingale Set and bow, with no enchants, full craftable and enchantable, with new status similar to Daedric, a Ring with tons of enchants, an item similar to a black azura star, a potion to turn player in a vampire and an unbalanced dagger that works as a pick axe.

Permissions and credits
This mod was a request from Joana Carolina.

This mod requires Skyrim SSE, Dawnguard, HearthFires and Dragonborn.

The mod place a chest in Riverwood Sleep Giant Inn with:
1 cube: Akashic Records works like an azura black star, rare and unique.
2 daggers: Bahamut's Fang (20 atk dagger), can be used as a pick axe, with a unique enchant Bahamut Rage(absorb health and stamina + soul trap).
A Nightingale Set: Nightingale Tyr set ( armor, gauntlets, boots, helmet ) with high def, similar to daedric, light armor, no enchants, enchantable, full craftable at forge.
A Nightingale Bow: Nightingale Zephyr Bow ( 30 atk bow ), faster, can stagger, higher crit, no enchants,enchantable, craftable at forge.
500 Custom arrows: Zephyr arrow (25 atk arrow), also craftable at forge.
5 potions that can turn player in vampire: Blood Kiss.
( Blood potions also are craftables at forge now)
5000 Gold.
1 Garm Ring:
A high boost at Stamina and Magic Regen ( close to insta regen )
fortify cary weight, HP, Stamina, Magicka, shouts, pickpocket, all resist ( shock, frost, fire, disease, poison, magic ) all at same status of vanilla acessorys enchants but all at once.

This mod does not use any script.
This mod will not have an update.
I made this mod before, but lost main files, soo re-make from scratch.
This is a bing translation, don't mind all errors.

I recomend any mod that replace  Nightingale set appearance.

Enjoy '-'