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Simple adds a dragonbone crossbow and a corresponding bolt.

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Simple adds a dragonbone crossbow and a corresponding bolts.

There are both normal and enhanced versions of the crossbow.
*NEW* There are now the various exploding bolts with unique glows

Craftable once you have dragon armor perk, could have tied them into the quest for dawnguard crossbows, but that would have made them available at the same
time as one of them, not as their own separate quest so I left that out. If people ask, I could restrict it. I think. I did add the quest restriction on the exploding bolts, but you are able to craft them at any forge

The crossbows\bolts where made as strong over a dragonbone bow, as the dwarven crossbow is over the dwarven bow.

Credit to both ClearanceClarence,and FrankFamily. Their textures are what I worked off of.

Other mods:
CCOR Bandoliers patch fix - fixes the changes made by the bandolier patch to CCOR that severely nerfs the bandoliers for no reason 
Armored Bandoliers - idea taken from the CCOR patch that made shoulder pad bandoliers a little bit of light armor