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A-R-K aka StxJimmy

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a immersion overhaul for Tropical Skyrim, name changes, creature edits, and custom textures. a must have for anyone using tropical Skyrim

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this mod is an immersion overhaul of all of Skyrim to work with Tropical Skyrim Mod.  Project Rainforest SE - A Tropical Climate and Environment Overhaul

this mod also includes all of my Creature Edits from this mod. -ARK'S- Tropical Skyrim Creatures  if you only want the creature changes then use that mod.

will post more pictures when able.
  • Frost Fruit Inn renamed to Summer Fruit Inn    (THIS INCLUDES A TEXTURE EDIT OF THE SIGN)
  • The Frozen Hearth Inn renamed to Moon and Star Inn (THIS INCLUDES A TEXTURE EDIT OF THE SIGN)
  • Wreck of the Winter War renamed to Wreck of the Black Flag   
  • Wreck of the Ice Runner renamed to Wreck of the Meadrunner   
  • Fort Snowhawk renamed to Fort Bloodhawk                     
  • Frostflow Abyss renamed to Lorkhan's Abyss          
  • Frostflow Lighthouse renamed to Meridia's Glow Lighthouse          
  • Frostmere Crypt renamed to Moonmere Crypt             
  • Graywinter Watch renamed to  Mossystone Den           
  • BlizzardRest renamed to Rainstorm Rest            
  • military Camps in winterhold renamed to Skyhold Imperial Camp and Skyhold Stormcloak Camp          
  • pinefrost tower renamed to Pinefall tower           
  • snowpointBeacon renamed to MossPoint Beacon         

  • I have also edited Loadscreens to refect the changes made.
  • added new Loadscreens as well.


Quest: Blood on the Ice renamed to Death in Paradise

  • replaced snow foxes with Squirrels
  • replaced snow trolls with Grahl (with green fur not blue)
  • replaced snow bears with Honey raged Bears (Cave Bears)
  • replaced snow sabre cats with Black Panthers
  • replaced frostbite ice spiders with Arachas
  • replaced ice wolfs with forest wolfs
  • renamed frostbite spiders to spiders
  • renamed ice wraiths to wraiths and made them ghosts
  • renamed and added appropriate items for each creature.


renamed snow berries to spring berries (texture replacement for normal skyrim and SFO Mod)

  1. rename SnowShod farm and npcs?
  2. rename snow vale?
  3. fix unmelting snow. add snow texture.
  4. add loading screen with new lore.
  5. update creatures with more tropical versions namely swap out (Squirrels,Wraiths, Grahl) for better creatures when Mihail creates more.

Have I missed something that you think should be changed? let me know

The Lord made the earth and all creatures snowy and tropical. The Lord made it all for our enjoyment. He made us in his image but he made us to worship him for he is the ruler of all and all power and glory belong to him. he just wants to be loved and for us to know true love with not only him but each other. the key to love the greatest thing of all is forgiveness. forgiveness and honesty are the quality that mostly reassemble the Lord.we are a fallen race. we have all fallen so far from the glory of the earth that the Lord first created for us. we are in a world of tests and trials to find out if we live our lives for the God of this world the one who resides here and who can give us power in this world or do we live our lives for the Lord and the hope of our Lord. this world is so easy to obtain the things you want from the ruler of this world because he wants you to give up your soul so easy and think this chaos is all that is. that we are born from nothing and that we go into nothing so we should enjoy the pleasures and indulgences that this world has to offer. the devil wants everyone to live a YOLO lifestyle. the fact of this world is that its more easy to find the devil in everything then it is to find the Lord. all thing have been corrupted. but its rather tame now to how it will be in the last days before the Lords return. in those days all manner of evil and all hearts will be tested to the fullest extent. the evil and hate will fill the lungs of almost every living soul you will not be able to control any of your actions. people will be like animals giving into every base instinct without care or second thought. people will be seen as they truly are. it will be the biggest decay of events the world will ever known and it will take place on a global scale.war, viruses,fires,uncommon natural events, will sweep the global stage in out of this world numbers the world will be left in ruins and the people not dead already in  the world will cry out for a savior and out of the fire will come a man who will seemingly clear all problems and in time declare himself to be the Lord of this world. people will be entranced by this and will cry and be overwhelmed thinking this man really is the savior, the world will cry peace because of this mans actions, but beware when the world cries peace doom approaches. the tribulations and hate of the Lords people will reach a bloody climax as people are killed for believing that the Lord in heaven has not forsaken the word and calming this man is not the savior. not a single soul will be unaffected by this. in these days everyone will make a choice. serve the Lord or serve the Devil. if you do not choose you dont choose the Lord you will be given over to the devil. you will not be able to stand without the Holy spirit. even now the holy spirit is working overtime because those last days could happen at any moment and when they do the Lord will close his doors and if you are not with him you will not stand.