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A complete architectural overhaul for Fort Dawnguard; now a proper castle!

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Fort Dawnguard
-ClefJ Edition-

Vampires need to be dealt with.
Hunted, rooted out, destroyed. Once there was a group dedicated to a similar cause.
They called themselves the Dawnguard.
That was a long time ago, but the idea was, and is, a good one.
That's why I'm bringing it back.

Regardless of its remote location, the Dawnguard is one of Skyrim's better guilds to attach oneself too, or so I thought.
However, the fort is rather haphazard in design; the interior and exterior don't match well, defenses are chaotic, you name it.
So I've fixed all that! Now the fort comes with a new design, several new rooms, and unique aesthetic features.

- Requires only Dawnguard and Most Recent Skyrim; as it uses new Creation Club flora.
*All items included during quest-progression remains mostly the same, such as the smithy and enchantment area.*
- Several more weapon plaques and displays added, as well as mannequins.
- A new Treasury room to keep your items safe!
- Repositioned several rooms; such as the guild sleep hall, and the dining hall entirely.
- Areas such as the caves have been consolidated into a single area; the hidden zone is now behind the troll pen.
- An entirely new external weather; a healthy golden glow to reflect Morrowind's ashen influence.
- New mushrooms and greener grasses, also to reflect the canyon's proximity to Morrowind's border.
- Removed several wooden barricades and widened certain areas of the canyon.
- Added a proper portcullis and stable. Portcullis mechanism is inoperable, so no worries.
- Secondary tower removed; Old graveyard added.
- Several rooms added to reflect the external/internal size of the fort, as well as additional beds.
- Completely new player-owned area! All containers are safe; and the fort is set to NoReset.

Navmesh error pack has been merged by Sattyre for a new mainfile.
Files cleaned by Lorex and ra2phoenix.
I hope you all enjoy, and good hunting!