Skyrim Special Edition
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Add the power to extend the pickpocket and lockpicking skills.
This mod was created with the hope that Dvakin could do more things. Dovakin makes his favorite clothes, copies books, and locks. On the other hand, make a fake, dismantle the corpse, and trap the enemy. This mod may make Dovakin's tough journey even more enjoyable.

Permissions and credits
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Explanation of power "processing"

Using the power "Processing" with the crosshair applied to the object whose name is displayed during non-combat has the following effects.

1 For item
Replace the item with the VendorItem keyword set.
VendorItemClothing: Rag(added with Mod)
VendorItemArmor Weapon: Ore
VendorItemBook Scroll Recipe: Waste paper (added with Mod)
VendorItempotion Poison: Empty skooma bottle
Other VendorItem: Processed bottles, wood chip, fat, squeezed(added with Mod), etc.

2 For activators, furniture and containers
Corpse: Delete the corpse and replace it with the item (no effect if alive)
Bear trap, trip wire, and caltrop (added by mod) : Removed trap
Collection points, beehive and wood chopping block: Get items randomly
Bookshelf: Displays a container for copying books and scrolls
Chair: Changed to a copy chair that can copy books
Workbench: Change to a clothes workbench to create clothes
Alchemy stand: Changed into a counterfeit work desk that will be treated as stolen goods
Enchantment Stand: Changed to a repair work desk with randomly created items
Pot: Holy water obtained from a processed bottle
Chest: Unlocking practice
Bag: Dismantle and get rag cloth
Door: Lock the unlocked door (key may be required)
Ore can set up a bonfire stand for setting a bonfire (ores can be set by Mod)

3 If there is no crosshair
A craft menu called "Process" is displayed, and you can process traps ,bed and simple items.
When you are in jail, a recipe for crafting jailbreak items is displayed.

4 Items to be added
Creating firewood (used for camping) with a wood chop processing recipe
Creating roll of paper (used for manuscripts) with wasted paper repair recipes
Creating linen wrap (clothes workbench) with rag cloth repair recipe
Creating a fat (alchemy material) with set trap or squeeze with a repair recipe
Random potion creation with squeeze (potion) repair recipe

5 Explanation of traps, etc.
Lantern: Damage 1 Explosion (Used as an igniter for other traps)
Born Alarm: If the enemy cuts the wire , player gets magic effect of muffle
Battery: Small electric shock plate
Generator: A rolling core that generates a powerful electric shock
Oil pool: oil pool to ignite
Volatile gas: Ignition gas
Landmine: Exploding when cutting landmine wires 
Caltrop: Slows down speed and causes damage
Frost bag: A large bag that starts the magic of ice
Frost sack: A small bag that starts the magic of ice
Trap magic: That can be installed using charcoal(requires Misdirection perk)
Bag with limited capacity: Light Fingers perk changes maximum capacity. 
Transcription container: When a scroll is stored, it can be copied on a manuscript chair.

6 Notes
You will be notified if you process other people's items or set up traps in other people's homes.
Experience will be gained by crafting with Pickpocket skill, counterfeit work desk, and repair work desk.
Experience Lockpicking skills when processing armor and weapons.
You may be able to process other items and gain pickpocket skills at the gathering points.
The contents disappear when the bag or corpse is removed

MCM features

1 Change of global value
You can change the global value of pickpocket success rate and growth rate, and unlocking experience value.

2 Change of level list
Changed the probability of selling spellbooks and scrolls sold by merchants
Added broken weapons (cursed weapons when combined on the repair bench) to the leveled list 

3 Power "processing" settings
Time to return the object that is changed by setting the acquired experience value and processing

Known bugs

You cannot change the viewpoint when using the manuscript chair in the first person, but you can cancel it by holding a weapon or jumping.
If you call this Mod item with additemmenu, multiple scripts will be activated at once and CTD will be more likely to occur. Do not get the item with additemmenu.The processed furniture may be displayed twice, but it will return to normal after a certain period of time or when power is applied again.(Fixed 2.02)


May conflict with mods that change Pickpocket and Lockpicking perks.This Mod is judged by keyword and nif. Other mods can be disassembled if the VendorItem keyword is set and the nif name has dragon or material name written on it.The dismantling of the corpse is determined by keywords and voice.