Skyrim Special Edition

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Adds the axe of the Headless Horseman with custom visual and sound effects.

Permissions and credits

Before he became known as the headless horseman, he once was a mortal warrior that sought power by any means necessary. And so he made an unholy bargain with Hha-Lugh-Zhek also known as Lord Hollowjack. The warrior was given an axe by Hollowjack that would burn bright red when faced with his enemies.
When the warrior fell in combat (by having his head removed), he became cursed to forever wander the land of the living as a ghostly spectre.
But his axe can still be acquired. Will you be the one wielding the weapon that, long ago, removed many heads?

Based on the Sleep Hollow Show, the weapon will heat up during combat only with custom sound effects when it happens. There are One handed and Two Handed variants. The One handed is in his stone coffin along with his seal (a note). In order to have the other variants, you need to craft them and to do so, you need that have the seal on you while at the Smithing station.
They all share the same stats as the daedric war axes and battle axes and require Ebony ingots and firewood to craft. No perk needed.
Also if you encounter the headless horsman's ghost, he will be carrying this weapon on his back (but will not use it since he is not hostile and
is invincible)

Extract content into Data folder. No other requirements are needed.

In a stone tomb in Hamvir's Rest west of Whiterun.
(I have received requests to be able to get the weapon from the ingame headless horseman however he is invincible by default and i didn't want to change that. But if you follow the Horseman, he will go to Hamvir's Rest possibly because it is his last resting place thus why i put the axe in there.)

I will not convert this for consoles since i don't own one but if anyone wants to convert it feel free to do so as long as you put the proper credits.

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