Skyrim Special Edition
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Conversion of my mod Evanescence racemenu preset.

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"If the target makes a mistake, that race will not give it time to fight back, whether with magic, potions and poisons ...."

Location : riverwood sleeping giant

NEW 2.0
Combat style: Witch and Blade


Ice Spike
Ice spear
Frost Cloak
Ice storm
Wall of Frost
reanimate corpse
Raise Zombie
Dread Zombie
Frost Breath

Now she has her own fighting class and style, but her AI has been enhanced for that fighting style. She will use ice magic and conjure nearby corpses and use a dagger or sword. She is not stupid, sometimes uses her bow or shield if the situation calls for it, especially indoors. Now she also has a spell book in hand. I will invent it for you to summon it, in case you lose it in some dungeon or when you cut a shortcut through a mountain mounted on a spider horse or in any other situation.
She also has a magic potion in her inventory that she uses when she needs it, you can also give her more, or you can also give her scrols, she will use.
This version has been tested for 2 weeks, up to level 45, you definitely won't need the Amazing Follower twik, it's already excellent in combat. Since she now has an ice scream that causes powerful damage for 5 seconds, it is best to install Amazing followe twik is a friendly fire add-on, you don't need to configure anything, just install it.
If an enemy is frost resistant, Amy will use whatever is in the arsenal to attack.
It starts with 150 of each attribute. I did it for the simple fact that we don't want an immortal follower when its level is higher than 80.

Follow this chart to get an idea of how it can behave in combat. This represents the percentage.

You can remove  staf, from your inventory if you want.


Not she is fomod, download and install, at least for now.
Use mod organizer 2 ou vortex
>>  you will need, cbp physics hdt-smp, because her naked body uses hdt support meshes.<<

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This mod was created by me, and you are not allowed to convert it, or post it, anywhere else.

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